Elf-Bot USB

Posted by JoshB 
Looks like this one slipped under our radar...

Very cool. However...

This is the second one of Alen's products that ThinkGeek has sold on their site, and neither one of the product pages have mentioned the names Incubot or Nekobot or Nekosaur. Why?
Haha, sent an email to ThinkGeek asking them about it, they said they're forwarding the email to the merchant responsible for this product. Alen, check your inbox...
Haha, got the kind of response I'd expect from a Thinkgeek employee:

"Because neither piece of information is necessary for an accurate description of the product."
Sanjeev (Admin)
Wow...terrible. :P

I wonder if it's because it's their "exclusive"...so they're free to market it however they want. And I'm only assuming it's an exclusive because it's *not* available on incubot.com
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