Posted by Erik Sjoen 
Erik Sjoen (Admin)
It's official! Voltron / Golion USBs in the haus!! More pics to come..




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Congrats on a big show setup. Hope that gets a lot of attention.
Nekosaur vinyls, and any protos up on deck too?
I'll look forward to more pics after you sit down off yer' aching feet!
Sanjeev (Admin)
Who took those photos?? Erik, are you actually at Comic-Con? Somehow...I can't possibly imagine that! :P
Erik Sjoen (Admin)
Nope, not there. We're set up at S7s booth.
A-mazing! Voltron looks great in these new photos... can't wait to get one. Wouldn't mind an S7-colored Neko either ;)

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