Nekobot tech support?

Posted by Roger 
Ugh. I wanted to play around with Chromium ( so I installed it on my USB Nekobot using Windows Image Writer and the instructions on their site. Now that I'm done fiddling around with the OS, I wanted to use the Nekobot for storage again.

I plugged it in and asked Windows to format it, but now it only shows the capacity as 250 megs. I know that there are a kerjillion utilities out there to do stuff like repartitioning, are there any free and simple ones that folks here can recommend? I used to use plain old FDISK but that's long gone.
Have you used it with USB drives? There's no mention of it on the site.
No, I haven't and it turns out it only works with external usb hdds. I'm sorry about that. Supposedly this will work with usb thumb drives []
Grr. The utility was able to delete the partition but now it can't create a new one.
Maybe this one will work and if not throw it at your neighbors. Either way it will get split.
That worked, thanks.
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