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Roger tried to warn me that science would kill my new Nekosaur if I did this, and I appreciate his warning. Deep down, he loves me. But I wanted my Nekosicle, dammit!
Since this toy is a Crystal Nekosaur and water is a crystallization of water molecules, I figured this was a great idea.

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Fortunately, Roger and science are wrong.
Water expanding when frozen is just a myth. If water got bigger when it froze, why does ice float in your glass of diet soda? Huh? Answer me that!

Seriously though, I was careful to leave some space just for that reason, and, moreover, the Neksaur is not water-tight, so any excess leaked from its armpits like a German. But for folks trying this at home... be careful, and for the luvva Mike, do NOT lick it!

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N.B.: It is also a power suit.

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Nekosicle is brilliant!
MattAlt (Admin)
Amazing... And perfectly sized for a "Big Gulp" cup. Preferably filled to the brim with Jack Daniels.

Honestly, I was freaked out by the notion of filling it with water and freezing it. I was flashing back to those experiments we did in grade school where we filled a styrofoam cup with water, froze it, and then observe how the cup split open.
Thanks for your concern Roger! :)

I did a similar thing years ago with a Mr. Freeze figure from Batman the Animated Series. The freezer can be dangerous, yes, but nowhere near as dangerous as the microwave. It made Dali paintings out of my G.I. Joe figures!!!
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