[RAMBLE] Day 1

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Technically there's still 4 hours left.

Hats off to ya Alen! Congrats on the new venture coming together... I know I've been waiting to see some kind of Neko since discovering TBDX years ago and seeing that old Ramble, even if I only finally poked my head out and joined a few months ago. I've been thinking about the USB bots all day and looking forward to getting mine!

Introducing Prometheus Rising Studio.
I make 3D printed mecha action figures.
Hey man, we gotta make sure Phase I and II go well so we can get to Phase III - CHOGO! Also, you missed giving someone credit...it wasn't me who added cart buttons. ;)

Sanjeev (Admin)
I love the comment about appreciating the gang for having the same dents in the brain as you! ;)

It's kinda like we're ALL pitching in to have these toys made for US...and you're just organizing it all!

But, hey, if some more dented-brain folks want in, by all means!
Anonymous User (Moderator)
Yeah, you know I'm seeing lots of familiar names in the preorders, but I'm also seeing names from people I haven't met before. It's really cool...
Glad to hear that the response so far is good.

Btw, is there a reason this forum is not accessible from the drop down menu? I wonder how many people haven't noticed it yet.

"There's no Bigfoot in The Awakening." -James Bickert
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