FS: Warbotron WB01-B Heavy Noisy

Posted by Jake 
Hello gang,

Due to a preorder mix up on my part, I have an extra Warbotron Heavy Noisy. (3rd party version of Transformers Combaticon Brawl)

This toy is unopened. It came from BBTS and the box is quite crisp. Looking for $99 shipped (within US) to recoup my mistake.

Thank you
Sanjeev (Admin)
Hi Jake!

Hey, if you're free, you should swing by FOE between 6 and 9 tonight. David White and I will be there for a show I'm in!
Oh man, I'm sorry I missed that. I was in New York over the weekend for a scrimmage.

How did it go?

(The Warbot Ron is sold, by the way)

Thank you
Sanjeev (Admin)
It went great--only my second "opening" ever...and my first at FOE. Definitely a good time, met some cool folks, and saw some incredible stuff. It was totally weird to have my super robot-themed toys on display alongside more traditional 2D art, but the vibe was good. Nicole and Jim know what's up.

Anyway, no worries that you couldn't make it--you obviously had a good excuse! (Hope the scrimmage went well! We really need to take in a match at some point this summer...) The stuff will be on display at FOE until August 3rd, so if you're interested, you can pop in at any point. And I'm assuming at some point this week, they'll have the stuff on their website. Be in touch!

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