Large Lot of Glyos for Trade or Sale

Posted by fujikuro 
Guys, I've got a lot of Glyos-based toys that I'd like to part with. They've been nice and fun, but, really, I shouldn't branch out into more than I already am collecting. This is a large lot of recent releases from Onell, Godbeast, Ni Stuff, Toyfinity, and Spymonkey:

Pictures are mostly not of my actual toys, but are just what you'd be getting.


Silver Robo Force Wrecker

GID Robo Force Demolisher

Red Robo Force Hun-Dred the Conqueror

Small gray and GID Mordles (1 each)


Blue Kabuto Mushi

Purple Kabuto Mushi

Black Metallic Kabuto Mushi


Dark Argen MK XI Buildman

Dark Travelerr Sorvellius

Ultra Corps Silver Armorvar

Neo Gatekeeper Reverse Noboto

GID Gendron Spectre Force Gobon

GITD Spectre Force Sarvos

GID Spectre Force Crayboth (customized with teal wash)

Black Metal Swing Joint Set

Black Metal Axis Joint Set

Glyan Stealth Division MK II

Proto Clone Noboto

Ni Stuff:

Spectre Leyden

Hades Force Nach

Stabilized Andur


GID Parts Pack

Black Metallic Parts Pack


Empyrean Combat Armory

Glowstone Combat Armory

Plus misc small bits and pieces that wind up being packed in by these companies.

Overall, I'd just like to try to get back the equivalent of what I spent on these. Many are, of course, no longer in production and go for more than the original asking price. I'm thinking right around $260.

That said, I would truly prefer to trade on these, rather than selling directly. I don't want to piece this out, either, I really just want them gone.

I'll update this thread with possible trade ideas shortly. Hopefully someone's interested.

More serious than thou

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I'm looking for combos of any of the following (need to be in great condition and hopefully complete). There's a lot here, but I still need quite a few of the older Transformers, so a mix of any of these will work.

G1 Galvatron (working lights and electronics)
G1 Roadbuster
G1 Whirl
G1 Bruticus
G1 Abominus
G1 Astrotrain (original US colors)
G1 Targetmaster Spinister
G1 Targetmaster Quake
G1 "beast" headmasters (Skullcruncher, Mindwipe, Apeface, Snapdragon, Weirdwolf)
G1 Headmaster Chromedome
G1 Headmaster Highbrow
G1 Headmaster Brainstorm
G1 Slugslinger
G1 Trypticon
G1 Scorponok
G1 Blurr
G1 Misfire
G1 Broadside
G1 Sandstorm
G1 Springer
G1 Cyclonus
G1 Scourge
G1 Ramjet
G1 Thrust
G1 Punch/Counterpunch
G1 Jetfire
G1 Darkwing
G1 Dreadwind
G1 Ratbat (gold dishes preferred)
G1 Sideswipe
G1 Red Alert
G1 Rumble
G1 Frenzy
G1 Tailgate
Any G1 Deluxe Insecticons
G1 Octane
G1 Quickswitch
Any Japanese G1 toy

I could potentially be persuaded by G2 Transformers toy depending on what they are...

Transformers Parts:

G1 Mirage black shoulder cannon
G1 Kup rifle
G1 Metroplex knee pad


DX Fire Dagwon
DX Super Build Tiger

Gobots/Machine Robo

Tank Transer
Baron Von Joy


Any Metal Joe toys

I'm sure I'll think of others at some point here.

More serious than thou
Sanjeev (Admin)
Well, there are a few guys I'd love to pick up, but definitely not the whole lot. I don't have anything on your trade list, but if you ever feel like piecing some guys out for cash, I'm in!
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