wanted: Daltanias DX

Posted by cohiba 
Godaikin box or Japanese box. Prefer Godaikin Box, but wil consider Japanes box as well.

Do not care so much about the condition of the box but the toy itself should be complete with no paint scratches.

Will not consider knock-offs. Just Godaikin or Japanese box. Looking at Ebay at Godaikin boxes it seems it is going ofr around $500-600 USD. So that would be a general ballpark to start negotiations if anyone is interested.

PM me if you have one on offer.

Thank you!
Just as a clarification: I will generally pay more for the Japanese box. but would prefer Godaikin box.

Also would like to have the toy shipped FedEx. And of course I will pay all shipping.
PM me your email address and I will send you pics directly. I have a very nice godaikin boxed one I am looking to sell. It is really nice and I would normally keep it, but I have an MIB childhood Daltanias that I will not let go of.

The one I am looking to sell is near unused. Box is gorgeous and toy has everything and all trays and bubbles. Have some other Godaikins that are MIB and MIB unused as well.

- Mike

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sent you a pm.
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