[For Sale] My "Final" Takemi Ramble Giant

Posted by Jerilock 
Well it took over 5 years and many tries but I finally managed to secure myself a "perfect" Takemi Ramble Giant at Morphy's, the very same Ramble Giant that first got me on the quest for one of my own in fact. As my long and sorrid journey comes full cricle I'm left with a reminder of my quest, my 3rd, and second to best condition/completion ramble giant. What I offer to you here is not just an awesome block of gokin goodness, but an opportunity to add your name in the pages of the story of my quest. lol, ok enough of that...... You can see from the pics attached that this particular RG is in fantastic shape, there are a few very very minor chips in the paint but other than that it's solid, the stickers aren't yellowed or peeling. It has the saw blade for the back, one of the tiny ships and 1 fist, I'll also include 3 resin fists I made to complete the set. I'm asking $75 shipped or best offer, but really, $75 is a small price to pay to be included in the pages of TBDX History ;-).
open | download - 20223457.JPG (192.9 KB)
open | download - 20223514.JPG (200.4 KB)
open | download - 20223535.JPG (46.4 KB)
In the spirit of Morphy's...do I hear TEN...TEN...TEN...do I hear TEN...maybe eleven...TEN TEN TEN...
to be fair I am asking less than when I paid for it, like I said open to any and all offers, would rather this go to a good home than get tossed in the back of the closet :-p
Hope you know I was just "funning", I really am not familiar with that piece, but it looks to be in excellent shape. A problem I now see I had with my collection was too much uniformity in the designs...that's obviously a piece that is striking different than the average shelf habitant.
josh fraser (Moderator)
It is a good price Jason. I am sure someone will want it. There is a lot of love in there too... eww wait that sounded wrong. Well maybe there is.
*bump* still nothing eh?
I thought for sure that someone would have called this by now.
same here. I'll probably just follow tradition and hand it off to john at the next east coast summit if there are no takers in the meantime :-p
same here. I'll probably just follow tradition and hand it off to john at the next east coast summit if there are no takers in the meantime :-p

Why don't you just hand him a bag of dog poop to make the message more clear.

Introducing Prometheus Rising Studio.
I make 3D printed mecha action figures.
Now, now, Ben, hahaa!

Ramble Giant is a cool, quirky piece, and I probably could make this thread easier.

I've got the other 2 Giants, one a little better shape than the other, that, as Jason is joking about, I've gotten from him in past Summit trades.
I'll go for Jason's currently offered Giant, and sell off one or both, of mine to somebody who wants a much cheaper entry price for one of these goofy things.
If this thread-jacking is ok with Chef of course, I'll take a pic or three, and post up.

Let's get Ramblin'!...and stuff.
lol it's all good dude, lets make ramble giants cool again!
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