[Slightly OT sale] ROTJ ISP-6 Mini-rig

Posted by Jerilock 
Hey guys, my folks sent me down a pile of stuff that was sitting at the house, amongst everything were a couple ROTJ ISP-6 minirigs. I figured I'd see if there was any interest here before i went the evilbay route. I have 2 of them, one is factory sealed, the other has been opened with stickers applied, but is complete with sticker sheet and instructions. I'd like to get $50 shipped for the sealed one and $35 shipped for the opened one, but am always open to offers. I've attached a couple pics but can take more on request. lmk if any of y'all are interested. thanks guys.
open | download - sealed.JPG (384 KB)
open | download - unsealed.JPG (355.1 KB)
What's the matter, Vader decide the Tydirium was drinking up too much of the space petrol?

"What is your cargo and destination"?

Uh, once mighty and feared Sith lord heading down to CarMax for a trade in...
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