Designer Vinyls for sale

Posted by Prometheum5 
Clearing out some space. Prices are for items, and I charge actual shipping for Priority Mail. Will ship international by Global Priority at cost only. Would consider trades for certain 3A figs.

$25 each. I have headers for most, can dig them out if you can send me a pic of the correct card.

PEBN Globby: $40 Might have a header?
Ghost: $10. Have can.
Pocket Zag: $15
Clear Mini Zag: $30. SOLD Guts are a glossy photo-paper print, have the header and uncut guts.
Pocket Smogun: $15
Tokyo Crouching Zag: $25
Custom painted Mini Zag: $20 painted by me, better pics: []

Crouching Zag with custom detailed tank by me: $40 SOLD

Clear yellow GID Zag: $50 SOLD

Champagne Brain: $60 SOLD, came with a couple small dings, see above. PENDING
Black/Blue Mummy: $20
White Kamen Rider Mummy: $30
Vodoo Bee: $30

$100 each SOLD. Have bags inside the cans, I think I was the first person to open them. BOTH PENDING

Mixed Grody Monster: $50 SOLD

S7 Hedo: $25 Couple small dings in the yellow on the hands

Smokey Clear music dude: $25 Stands 9", header card guitar cutout inside

Armored Blob from SDCC/FigLab: $100

Storm Garakutaigas: $100 have tag somewhere

Introducing Prometheus Rising Studio.
I make 3D printed mecha action figures.

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