Machine Robo, Megaloman, Powerloader diecast

Posted by MattAlt 
MattAlt (Admin)
Some stuff up for grabs:

Takatoku Pla-DX Megaloman w/ melty kaiju:

Set of three Machine Robo Rescue figs:

Aoshima 1/12 Powerloader Diecast
How much for teh kitteh?

Sanjeev (Admin)
Mmm...what I'm really looking for is a Emma Domb vintage yellow corset front gown dress. Preferably S/XS. Now where the hell am I gonna find one of those???
Funny, every time I win gokin or sofubi from Matt, there's a pair of women's socks, a scarf, or a broach of some sort in my package. I once even got a pair of espadrills! I'm always grateful. Thanks for the little extras, Matt!
MattAlt (Admin)
I aim to please!
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