[for sale] Bulmark DX Apolon Header & Takemi Spinlancer - Gingaizer - loose

Posted by Robaato D 
For sale one loose DX Apolon Header from "Diapolon." Bullmark's finest hour. It's loose but in very good shape and has all of the elusive accessories, except for those little pegs that go in the stomach. The bare metal shoulders even have a nice shine to them. $175.

Also for sale one loose Takemi Spinlancer from "Gingaizer." No accessories to speak of other than one sword, and it's unfortunately missing the shoulder fins and one fist. The box is there but...barely. I'd give the box a C-.25 on the "Fraser scale" so it's hardly worth mentioning.

I'm asking $75 for this one.

Please PM me or email me at rduban at hotmail dot com if you are interested.

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Header = sold!
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