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Howdy folks, I'm trying to put together a fairly comprehensive English language website for Votoms toys. Now that the Macross, Mospeada, Robotech revival appears to be over I think this would be the next helpful resource I could contribute to the Interwebs. Some of the highlights of what I'm looking for include:
Dual Model toys: Metallic or Clear Scopedog, Clear Brutish, original release red shoulder, RDM-1
Dual Model Zwei: Meliqua Color ScopeDog
Yamato 1/12: Turbo Custom, LSR Turbo Custom, Battle Udon TC, Udon Fyana, Brutish Dog with Fyana, Scopedog (RS) with Chirico, any of the oddball variants that were available at TRU
Yamato 1/24: Looking for a V2 B band remote TC
Actic Gear: Any AG-N series, AG-EX series, and the Turbo Custom four pack released for Pailsen Files, and there are a lot of little special toys so if you have one of those I may be interested.
I also am looking for the older Seven and Takara Joint Model toys.

I have some rare Mospeada and Macross toys I can offer for trade or will purchase outright. I have eBay and MW credentials I can send your way and you can always find me on anymoon dot com. Thanks!

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Sanjeev (Admin)

I don't think I have anything to contribute, but it's definitely a worthy cause. I definitely dig your website...and applying that same high-quality coverage to VOTOMS would be great!
I have all the vintage 1/24 dual models, the 1/35 joint models, seven brutish dog and snapping turtle, the RDM series, and two of the psx sets - the redshoulder and slashdog. All mint in box.
I also have a bunch of the actic gear toys, but they are all out of the box and assembled. I have to go through them and see exactly whats there, just not sure if you are looking for MIB only. Send me a PM.
Anonymous User
Thanks Sanjeev, I'm really enjoying starting to put things together. To clarify, while I prefer the toys to be MIB I do tend to make exceptions for older toys and toys where I have subsequent reissues MIB and just want to own a classic version so I can discern what changes have been made over the years. For toys like the Actic Gear or DMZ, having the parts off the sprue doesn't concern me so long as everything is there.

Sent you a PM machinesoldier
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