WTB Godaikin Parts, junkers, etc...

Posted by Mr. Ginrai 
Hi guys,

Met a lot of you at the East Coast Summit...I had that interesting "stand"...

Anyway I am looking to possibly buy some godaikin parts, loose bots, junkers, accessories, booklets, etc. for some of my "played with" or play and display godaikins...

I haven't really seen any posts in a long time on any of the "big three" robot sites (including this one) so I figured I would give this a shot.

I do have some extra items of my own in this category, not much outside my boxed/keeper stuff yet, so I figured it wouldn't be that bad to see what anyone has laying around whether its in nice shape or otherwise.

I'll get a better list together shortly, but here are a few things I need along with some other general ideas. Not trying to break the bank because I am not looking for gem mint stuff unless it gets noted later. Would like to also stay within the continental US to keep costs down unless you are international and can show feedback/references.

Possible needs/ideas (all are godaikin version unless noted):

Small godaikin brochures (has laserion on the front)
Godaikin Voltes V Volt Crewzer, original Voltes string, other possibly voltes accessories and bots/parts.

Golion - I need a golion booklet (real only, no repro please) and a few missiles (I have to go count to check which ones), and a few packaging pieces for the weapons (I believe the cardboard square for the weapon pack on the middle right and the bubble section for the long missile pack on the bottom right. The jaw on my black lion is a little yellowed in this set.

POPY Gardian stuff...fists (red mainly, but might want to upgrade my blues), protesser with intact elbows clint, weapons, etc. I got a couple nice loose ones, don't know if I am just going to dump this stuff and just get a boxed godaikin eventually.

Daltanias - don't think I need anything at the moment.

GodMarz - all fists big or small, some chrome weapons, sword etc.

BioDragon Stickers and instruction booklet, Abega Box, Foam, and instructions.

What ever else you may have. Some of these guys are starting from very little or the ground up, so no, I am not going to pay $25 for a single missile LoL.


Update: April 5, 2012
Also need ST Vavilos missiles, may be interested in box/foam/instructions.

On everything, all real deal stuff please, no "Taiwan version" stuff.

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Bump. Updated original post with more wants, also have a DX God Marz sword on the way so scratch that one off the list.

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