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Hello everybody, I am looking for them all, possibly in good conditions, mib/moc would be the best .
I pay well, don't worry ;-)
Please help.

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open | download - CLOVER STAR ZINGER Z.jpg (41 KB)
open | download - CLOVER SF SET.jpg (122 KB)
open | download - BISANTI SHOGUN LOT.jpg (57.7 KB)
josh fraser (Moderator)
I remember the Clover Star Zinger at a Building 19 warehouse ...they had a hundred of them, all for 3.99 each. I bought 5 of them but sold them years ago.

Good luck.
Funny timing. I just added my Grendizer to the RJ gallery this past weekend. But sorry, mine's a keeper. Its interesting to see those minis boxed.
: (
That Clover (?) set is DOPE. Is it really Clover? IF so, that's got to be one of the most desireable Korean toys ever.
Mike Parisi Wrote:
> That Clover (?) set is DOPE. Is it really Clover?
> IF so, that's got to be one of the most desireable
> Korean toys ever.

Clover Korea....not Japan....But one of the best set I ever found !!!
I'm not sure of the relationship between Clover Japan and Clover Korea, was it the same company? I hope you post more pics, maybe closer to the toys :)
Still looking for more....I'm addicted....
josh fraser (Moderator)
Didn't someone buy like 3-4 of these Clover SF at the Summit last year? I remember how cool they were.

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Still searching....I need more variants!
Dude, you sooooo need a hobby!
Dude, you sooooo need a hobby!

This is my hobby....By the way, do you know me?
Joking pal...only kidding. I don't know you, but I've spent an uncomfortable amount of time drooling over pictures of your collection. I'm surprised there are any "variants" out there that aren't in your collection.
I don't know if you are interested, but I have a Korean Clover Star Zinger-Z Don Hakka, MIB with styrofoam insert, red hand gun and one green missile. I do not have any other parts for it currently (no red missiles or other green missiles).

- Mike

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