[adios] Selling the collection

Posted by machinesoldier 
This week I have vintage and reissue Transformer \ Microman related items.


Thanks all.

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oh wow man. why are you giving up the ghost?
Mark! Don't do it!!

(I'm sure you have your reasons - just sucks to see another player out of the game, especially such a nice one!)
Say it aint so!
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mcfitch (Admin)
Hey man, sorry to see you selling your collection but you have your reasons and you have to honor that. Good luck.

Matthewalt "I actually kinda LIKE that approach! You know: let's make a TOY. Remember those? Products designed to be played with without breaking? DO YOU REMEMBER, LOVE?!"
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Good luck, man. So can you please shed some light on this decision?

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It's pretty simple. I decided not to be a collector anymore. Just a switch inside my brain that I flipped.

I look at it this way. The best thing about being in this hobby is the friends I've made, and they're still my friends regardless if I have a toy collection or not. Besides, most of the guys who I talk to offline regularly, toys rarely even come up in conversation. Simple decision if you ask me.
This has happened to my brain before, but the F$#%ing switch flipped back over about halfway through the sale of my collection and I felt the agony of loss.

On the other side of this experience, I now collect fugly toys.

Brain damage? Perhaps.

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Oh, believe me, I feel the loss already. I'll miss a lot of these toys. But for each one that I'll regret selling, there's probably two more that I don't give a shit about. There is so much stuff I bought just to complete a line, or others that have similarities to toys that I like, but in the end those are meaningless to me. So in that sense I had to put a stop to the whole thing, and let these toys go to someone who will appreciate them.
I am keeping some things. I still love toys, that hasn't changed. I just don't "collect" them anymore.
You mean you are not letting them rule your life anymore? Quitter!!
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