Selling Stuff Again - Transformers G1/Classics, Fansproject, some SOC, Ashley Wood, Brave Hiryu, etc.

Posted by fujikuro 
I'm really making a push to get rid of some of my debt, so a bunch of stuff has gone up on Ebay - a couple Power Rangers items, lots of Transformers G1 and Classics/Fansproject toys, Masterpiece Transformers and Brave toys, Ashley Wood/ThreeA, some Soul of Chogokin, and others. You can see the bunch of them here: []

That being said, I am willing to make some minor trades if there's something up there that will nudge any of the following Sentai/Power Rangers items out of your grasp:

Goseiger Tensouder
Goseiger DX Datas Hyper
Magiranger DX Magiking or DX Wolkaiser
DX Dekaranger Robo

I can probably only make one or two deals at most and still do what I'm setting out to do with this sale. Anyway, I sure hope I've stayed within the bounds of the rules here. Please let me know if I need to change anything! Thanks for looking!

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Bump for additions and changes.

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Bumping for switch to Ebay.

More serious than thou
Added more items to Ebay. Anyone want any of these, I can sell off of Ebay directly to you. Just LMK and I'll pull it off of there. Just send me offers.

More serious than thou

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for some reason the link you have for ebay doesn't work...

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Down to about a day on the majority of my items!

More serious than thou
Sanjeev (Admin)
Damn, over 200 bones for that Bruticus! Right on!
About 12 hours left!

More serious than thou
OK, in case anyone from here actually did buy something from me, thank you! I easily met my sales goal with this batch (largest I've ever put up at one time). I started shipping stuff out last night and will continue through the next couple days.

More serious than thou
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