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Hello I am looking for buying Mattel Shogun Warriors figures 5"tall: Mazinger, Getter Dragun, Poseidon and Raider.
Can anybody help me?
First you have to decide what condition you want the toys in:

Mint and complete toy in Mint box (only sickies collect those)

Mint and complete toy in acceptable or worn box

Good condition complete toy in some kind of box

Good condition incomplete toy in some sort of bag

Good condition toy without accessories (no bag or box)

Poor condition but complete toy with good box

Poor condition incomplete toy with mint box for wrong toy (quite pricey!)

Poor condition partial toy with tight joints...gotta be TY-EET!
Seeing your address has ".it" are you in Italy, and having trouble getting shipping?

Some web stores (seperate from ebay) may be willing to ship to all countries. I've seen some of these for sale recently, and will pass you the page links as I find them again.
Hello many many thanks for your kindly reply!!I am looking for Shoguns in mint conditions if it's possible!! The trouble is just the shipping..cause I am in Italy..so if you can help me I will be very grateful to you!!
Are there proxy bidding services in the US akin to those "we" use in Japan?
I don't know..
I just find the Getta Raiger..so I am lookinf for the other three..
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