Yamato Monster, Takara Zaboga

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MattAlt (Admin)
Yamato Koenig Monster, loose, played with, nice condition, tiny bit of wear on upper left corner of yellow paint on the nose (forgive the sloppy photos. Damned if I can figure out the transformation -- but nothing seems broken. Ask if you want something confirmed.) $80 plus shipping.

Takara "Cyborg 99" w/ Denjin Zaboga suit. 12" tall. Note that the zipper is broken, though it's totally hidden by the vinyl parts. $50 plus shipping.

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MattAlt (Admin)
Shipping is from USA, not Japan!
You can tell Matt's home for the holidays!
MattAlt (Admin)
Zaboga's gone, but the Monster's up at a reduced price: $39.99!


Gundam novels (English, first edition):


Kubrick Tron Lightcycle:


'95 Godzilla set:

Supercheap Takatoku M-Lover Lieea:

Gundam MS in Pocket:
PM to be sent about the "Dorothy Perkins White, Blue, & Polkadot..*cough*ahem*#....I mean, uh, nevermind...

Well, that's just silly! Don't have any modern Monster, so may as well get the bidding going for you. ;0)
I know that we are not supposed to post live auction links.

But is this from your Kilaak cosplay outfit?


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I love how my vintage clothing always sparks commentary on here.
Here's to hoping there really is a "Matt's Sister"...otherwise we can begin casting calls for a younger Anthony Hopkins..."Mother, this sweater doesn't fit anymore!".

tee hee.
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