Diceone's 2011 ECCS Trade + Want list

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As I'm excited to attend the 2011 East Coast Chogokin Summit, I thought I would share as much of what I have available, should any fellow collector like to have it at the event for inspection.

Listed below is the (initial) list of items I have available to bring.

If anyone attending has interest in an item, please email me.
DiceOne AT DluxStudios.com
I'll be sure and bring it. Don't worry, no commitment on your part.

Conversely, if no one seems interested in certain items, I'd prefer not to travel with them, and can better weed things out.

If you're planning a trade table, please start a similar topic - or don't, and surprise people.

I personally am hoping for a machinder or some robocon gokin I need. My totally reasonable (WTF) want list is at the bottom.

Stuff I got to trade/sale -
Jumbo Machinders -
Popy Getta 1 complete Excellent condition, cape is clean, head is bright red, green chest sticker has minor wear.
Popy Reideen - Excellent condition, minor scuff on chest, Perfect Repro stickers, 1 delta wing + bow fist
Popy Getta Dragun 1 - Complete, perfect
Popy Getta Dragun 2 - Complete, perfect repro stickers.
Popy Getta Poseidon - Excellent condition - missing yellow missiles
Popy Great Mazinga - good condition, missing brain condor, chest wing, swords and missiles. Has matching fists.
Uni 5 Garada k7 Green vers - displayed from new box, complete
Uni 5 Great Mazinga - never displayed new in new box, complete
Uni 5 Gaiking - never displayed new in new box, complete
Takara Giant Gorg 1 - Mint in New box, unapplied stickers, complete
takara Giant Gorg 2 - stickers applied, currently in my display, box is Pretty good. no holes or tears. corner wear.
Taiwan Daitetsujin 17 - Excellent condition - taiwan stickers.
Bootleg Daitarn 3 junior machinder - missing head crest, box is VG
Good Rock junior machinder - box is Ecellent, complete w missiles + sword.
Mazinga Z mini machinder (super machinder according to Dave) MOMC
Great Mazinga mini machinder MOMC
Voltron Battle Commander - w remote base. VGC
Shogun Great Mazinga - no missiles. VGC.
Bandai Baltan Seijan - MIMB. looks pretty cool next to machinders.

Chogokin -
*Added 7/8/11
Popy Reideen Mutropolis Base MIB
NAkajima UFO Zincic VGC
NAkajima Rocket Zincic VGC
Mego Micronauts Hydra MIMB still shrinkwrapped.
Mego Micronauts mail order Photon Sled w clear green figure sealed in blister. MIMB 100% complete.
Mego Micronauts Giant Acroyear - box is sun faded figure is mint, un-applied stickers and complete.

Bullmark Mekanda Plane 2
Bullmark Mekanda Car GT2
Popy / Popinica Go Ranger / Jak Q Varitank
Popy / Popinica Go Ranger / Jak Q Variburun
Popy / Popinica Bluegar Reideen vehicle
Popy / Popinica PA-70 Kyodain Skyzel/Granzel combine vehicle
Orguss Orgroid window box 1/55 plastic MINTY
Bullmark gokin Blazer - silver version Excellent in good box
Bullmark gokin Rockbat - minor paint error on yellow chest button detail, box is VGC
Ark King Joe v1 Japanese box - toy is Mint, good/excellent box. top flap wear.

********** **********
(you'll be hard pressed to get me off one these, but if you have a dope trade I'd be in - not interested in selling. Only GOOD trades i.e. see my wants at bottom.)
Popy Robo Deki 1 - Mint in Mint box
Popy Robo Deki 2 - MIMB
Popy Robo Deki 3 - MIMB
Popy Robo Deki 4 - loose MINT

Most of the Ganchan's are very very crisp. Some suffer from the common leg pitting/weirdness of the silver popy used. I only posses one w/o ANY silver defect.
Gara Gara Gan Chan robot 110 ban - Excellent in VG box
Gara Gara Gan Chan robot 110 ban 2 - MIMB F that- this is mine.
Gara Gara Gan Chan robot 110 ban 3 - VGC, box is ok, styro is MEH.
Gara Gara Gan Chan robot 110 ban (110) 4 - loose missing stickers
Gara Gara Gan Chan robot 110 ban (110) 5 - loose, minty other than chip at wheel release in chest.
********** End of character obsession **********

Takatoku Z Gokin Bibyun Mint BUT there is a factory paint flaw on arm, mint box. Easy fix for the skilled painter.
Bandai Godaikin Voltes V - Mint in Sealed Mint box. crazy mint.
Bandai Godaikin Laserion DX - Mint in box
Bandai Godaikin Laserion ST - Mint in ok box
Bandai Godaikin God Sigma - VGC, good box
Bandai Godaikin God Sigma - Mint in Mint box. so mint repairtech jon cried a little.
Bandai Godaikin Goggle V
Bandai Godaikin Daltanious - Mint unplayed with. Box has torn handle flap.
Nakajima Groizer X
Takemi Robo Kress
Takemi Boss Palder - VGC Right edge of Head ship wing has slight crack. other than that, minty.
Takemi Bull Caeser - missing one chrome shoulder attachment, half of red waist sticker.
Might have extra picotto. gotta look around.
Robotect/matchbox Valkyrie. It's big. I don't think it transforms. Mint in box.
Robby The Robot - Masudaya - 24 " tall. Works. Plastic head dome is damaged.
Plastic details yellowed. Still looks bad ass.

Osaka Tin Age Robby The robot - w ALL paperwork, including mail away for the Robby Osaka Pin. Limited to 1000 units produced. Excellent, Item is Excellent, minor ding in the foot. Missing on/off switch key. 13-14" tall.

Motionic Red - Bandai, box is ok, toy has some yellowing. This is the Zaragon thing w the wheels on it.

Voltron 1 box set - matchbox MIB - box has some corner wear. Voltron set is unplayed with, never displayed.

Voltron II / albegas - 3 individual matchbox boxes MIB, sealed.

Loose Dairugger XV / Voltron 1 - missing wheel assembly on 1 fist. Overall excellent.

Space Sheriff Gavan DX Crystal Base - Traded! Thanks KurKuru !

I have a bunch of extra Hacchan (Robo 8 chan) and Robo Maru stuff too.
And a box of random gokin, popy this and that...

I assume in the next week-2 weeks I'll have a complete list of every single item I have for trade or sale.

Please reach out via EMAIL. Please don't PM if you can help it.
PM only sends me an email, saying I need to check my PM from you.

Please help me be efficient w communication. :) Thanks!

Stuff I WANT -
Robo Ton
Robo Mero
Robo Waru
Robo SHO
Robo Gari
Robin Chan
Gantsu Sensei Talker


Various Gokin -
Popy Gb-24 DX Tetsujin
Aura Battler Drumlo
Akumaizer Gokin - Zabura, Ibiru, Gabura
OtasukeKinta - Otasukeman
Ropet Wawa
Nomura Analyzer
Go Kaiza - Go Taiga
Ban Kid gokins - any of them... I don't have nada.
Rockbat Puzzle toy in window box
I'd also be super into a Rockbat and blazer big MFV.

Lately I've been into cool window boxed pieces.
Even if it's kind of Janky Victora/Poem/robin stuff, as long as the box is cool. They just look so great in a display behind other stuff...

Machinders- I'm totally ok with good condition or better loose guys :)
Getta 3
Erik Sjoen's (or your) Sun Vulcan
Grendizer (popy por favor)
Kamen Rider V3
Kamen Rider X
Battle Fever
God Mars
God Sigma
Voltes V
Red Baron
Mach Baron
Ultaman Leo
Ultraman Taro
Granzel/Ground Zero
Takemi San Daio
Takemi Robo Kress

Sort of machinders -
Robo Toro from Hacchan/Robo 8 Chan - it's a robot truck. It's big... It's great.
Hottoke Saucer - From muteking - the big ass version. I need it in my life.

Pretty much beyond this point, you would have to really have some crazy shit like Denjiman or some Popy villain or something ridiculous. But I guess if you do machinders you'd know at which point... nothing in my trade list would cut it.

Ok. That's it. sorry if it's long.
but if someone even just wants to see this stuff, I'd be glad to oblige.

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josh fraser (Moderator)
I have seen this stuff. It is all there. Crazy.
Will you take pictures of dead former US presidents in trade?
Josh, stop telling everyone about our Skype affairs.

And yes, I accept cash/paypal/major credit cards w my cool iphone plugin thing.
However I can't stress enough how a Blazer tin would work really well as a trade ;)
And thanks everyone for all the emails.
I think I've replied to everything as of 8am EST and all PMs replied.
josh fraser (Moderator)
"However I can't stress enough how a Blazer tin would work really well as a trade ;)"

Don't do it Jason. He humps tins...wait so do you.

I hate you all.
Josh for the last time I don't hump my tins.... I lick them :-p
I humpa the Buriki.
Actually I'm not a tin collector.
Not by a long shot. but there a few I'd like.
Added -

Popy Reideen Mutropolis Base MIMB
NAkajima UFO Zincic VGC
NAkajima Rocket Zincic VGC
Micronauts Hydra MIMB
Ok since I haven't heard a whole lot about possible trades I'll be adding prices and unless more people attending speak up, I will bring only a few things.
Right now it's :
1. Getta 1 Jumbo - Alen Yen
2. Poseidon Jumbo - Jerilock (you said you'd like to see it, and I don't mind accomadating! :)
3. NekroDave - By the power of Grayskull!
4. JoshB - I will try and tempt you with Sasuraiga and some Machine robo / gobot stuff

I think that is about it?

I'll be bringing along a few extras.... so please speak up if you're coming and want to see something!
pushed back up. Summit's getting close.
I'm not bringing all this stuff... just things people request or show interest in.
Make your request or trade known.

Otherwise it's off to the bay.
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