selling som estuff on yahoo Japan

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The descripstions are all in Japanese, as it is obviously for a Japanese audience. But if you have any questions you can PM me and I will answer any questions you may have. Unfortunately I will not ship to overseas addresses so you will have to find third party shipping from Japan or you can use some bidding proxy service.


Thank you,
if you are interested in some of the stuff and don't want to pay whatever third party surcharge, if you are able to do the wire transfer and have an address I can ship to in Japan, that is fine. All shipments within Japan are COD. I have no affiliation with this company but might be a service a potential buyer might want to talk to.
thank you all for making the first round of the sell off a massive success.
josh fraser (Moderator)
I just wish the Dior shoes were missile firing ;-)

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it is the rare non-missile firing variant. too bad its not the gucci black version...
josh fraser (Moderator)
Ha! PPR needs to reissue those.
Just posted some more stuff. Please check it out.....
have a pretty good condition Dangaurd Ace up now and will soon have more bigger ticket items up for auction.
Dude, quite posting live auction links!!!

I've been waiting months for a pair of those Soludos slippers to show up, and I'm not losing to "eyetallion" again! I can't...I won't!
Yeah, my chickie is piggy-backing off my account.... so there are going to be all sorts of stuff on the list that are not toys. Of course, please, by all means, bid on her stuff too if you want......
now on sale, Danguard DX, Godam, Mekander Trimax F1 GT2, HIraider, Lady Command, BAttle Combination...
also kikaider 01's doubel machine on sale now.
A pretty good mach baron chogokin up for sale now...
a loose mekabuton with all its parts for sale now too....
Hisashi Eguchi limited print signed by the artist 4/100 of Roujin Z character. Very rare, a must have for fans of Eguchi.
steam detectives robots from Marmit. Not something you see for sale frequently.
loose yellow belly gaiking for sale now....
selling some more vinyl- tsukuda hobby giant robo. this is the one that everyone wanted so long ago... unfortunately no box though...

also getting rid of some studio half eye kits of getter 1 and getter 2
also selling the max factory vinyl big o. It was a vinyl kit that I built partway. All the relevant pieces are there to finish it, but I never got around to finishing.
Thank you for your support making round 3 of the sell off a success.

This round of selling has some big guns featured. COmbination Program Zanbot3, DX Yamato, another DX Dangard, Dotabattan.

I think I will also be selling a Daltanius set, Dairugger XV set, VOltes V, Combattra V soon too. Please have a look.
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