FS: lot of SH Figuarts

Posted by cohiba 
Are you interested in the Figuarts line, but never got involved for some reason? Do you have a desire to jump start your collection? are you tired of picking up single pieces on auction or specialty stores for the older ones that aren't being re-issued?

Unique offer (not for everyone I imagine): I am looking to sell approximately 60+ SH figuarts toys, mostly KR, some Onepiece and Puricure etc. All are unopened. SOme are tamashii exclusives. I haven't counted the lot yet, as it was a decision made this morning to sell this part of the collection off.

It ain't gonna be cheap, but will save the collector a lot of time in accumulating a collection of figuarts. PM me, and I will send photos so you can see what is exactly on offer and we can discuss price afterwards. I will not sell individually, as it is a MAJOR hassle for me to ship stuff, especially overseas.
if you are slightly interested but want to know if there is a specific piece in the lot, let me know and I will see if it is in there.
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