More stuff for sale - updated prices, added more stuff

Posted by fujikuro 
Some items with no pics at the bottom. Will get pics hopefully soon.

ON HOLD: SOC GX-44 Tetsujin 28. Missing the tiny vehicle, but everything else is perfect. $60

SOLD: Robotack dog guy. $20:

Machine Robo Submarine guy. $5:

SOLD: He-Man Mantis vehicle for Hordak. $5:

Robot 8-Chan. Hat sits on his head nicely, but does not "clip" on due to slight breakage. Some chipping at the chest. $45:

Star Wars Galactic Heroes Naboo Starfighter. $10:

Star Wars POTF 1/6 scale Yoda. $10: .

Star Wars POTF 1/6 scale Jawa. $10:

Sonokong Super Build Tiger, complete with box, stickers a bit non-sticky. No pic yet. $25.

CM's Sankan-Oh Limited Edition (Metallic paint job). $75:

Near-complete G1 Transformers Computron. No pics yet. $150.

Complete G1 Transformers Mindwipe. No pics yet. $85.

Complete G1 Transformers Apeface. No pics yet. $100

More to come later. PM me with offers or email me at fujikuro at gmail dot com. Thanks!

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How much to ship the mantisaur?
jacksauce Wrote:
> How much to ship the mantisaur?

PM'd you. I just need to know the zip for me to give you an estimate.

More serious than thou
Erik Sjoen (Admin)
Hey Matt. FYIm the Muteking guy is Popy. e
Ah, right. My brain is fried. Fixed now.

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Last day for some of my Ebay items! []

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mcfitch (Admin)
What you don't answer your emails now?

Matthewalt "I actually kinda LIKE that approach! You know: let's make a TOY. Remember those? Products designed to be played with without breaking? DO YOU REMEMBER, LOVE?!"
Ey, sorry, totally forgot!

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I'll take both POTF's If they have boxes.
Sorry, no boxes. They're loose. LMK if you're still interested at all.

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Updated bump

More serious than thou
Bump for sold items plus holds. Note the G1 TFs in the list as well, as you may have missed them (no pics yet).

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