thinking of selling plush godzilla toy

Posted by cohiba 
cohiba Wrote:
> You would be doing gingaio a service
> as well if you posted it.

Who do what to whom?


BTW, who still deploys the phrase, “Eat crow,” as part of a barbed verbal attack meant to emphasize an opposition's purported blunder? That is so passé. That or you're my dad.

From one pimp to another, here's how it's done in the modern era:

See what I did there with the alliteration? Pure poetry.

And Reverend, don't be eyeballing my crappy Joe repaints.

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Sanjeev (Admin)


Damn, you were right: THAT is how you throw down. See, cohiba?
Mouu, I'm still thinking of how I could possibly get my paws on this thing. 20,000 JPY sounds like a perfectly good price for the toy proper.

As regards proxy services, TokyoBuyers is of course found at
with their phone number at the bottom of the page. I suspect it'd be just as bad, but worth a shot, maybe?

I also often use YokattaWeb, but I think they are mainly a buying service. They seem very personable and helpful, though, so maybe it might be worth at least asking. They're at:
But alas I think they only list an email address.

Alternatively, is it possible that there is some some other, slower method of shipping that wouldn't be so prohibitive that we could use ? I don't mind waiting some months for a radioactive saurian.

Um, or... I could move along back to my toys, whilst you guys slug it out some more?
MaidenLili Wrote:

> Um, or... I could move along back to my toys,
> whilst you guys slug it out some more?


More serious than thou
"I got 99 problems but you being more gangsterer than me aint one".


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Maidenlili- if you are seriously interested, i will ask the two placed you mentioned. otherwise, unfortunately i would have to say that it is up you to find an alterntive source of shipping.
Maidenlili- just as update- have sent a message to tokyobuyers, from their website they seem to ship via Japan Post so they might have shipping restrictions, and I am currently waiting for their response. I told them that someone from the States is interested in shipping something from Japan. Also gave them dimensions and weight.
apparently. TOkyoBuyers will not do shipping only. but they were kind enough to give me a name of a proxy shipping service. will let you know what they come back with.
Maidenlili, is asking for an address to ship to to get an estimate. Can I just say NYC since you probably don't want your address known unless the deal closes. If you live somewhere else, the price wil be different but I assume not by much,
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