thinking of selling plush godzilla toy

Posted by cohiba 
It is a rare large plush godzilla super deformed from circa 1996. It is about 3 ft tall and 3 ft long. As a SD Godzilla the head is abnormally big. It is not in great shape, could use a cleaning and due to its age some of the seams are coming apart (both are definitely fixable. I am not a seamster (?) so i won't be the guy to fix it. but a good dry cleaner can take care of that. the only real problem is the right foot has a small hole in the fabric due to wear and tear. If you want to see pics let me know.

If there is genuine interest I will post pics. If not, I won't bother.
Is it... cute? and cuddly?

I like cute, cuddly, round things. Even / especially if they also have atomic flame breath. Depending on how much you're looking for, I might just be interested.

I'm even a decent seamstress, so he'd be well-taken-care of. Let me know.
mcfitch (Admin)
What did you do to the poor thing? Are you a plushie?

Matthewalt "I actually kinda LIKE that approach! You know: let's make a TOY. Remember those? Products designed to be played with without breaking? DO YOU REMEMBER, LOVE?!"
I am in the process of spring cleaning. Will post soon.
josh fraser (Moderator)
Post pics from your collection. I have waited 10 years to see something you tease! ;-)
I'm still waiting for that pic of Godreideen in original Reideen colors, the pic which was stuck between your ribcage and your liver. Oh, wait, someone else wanted that...
I second the motion on posting pics. I wanna see the Godzilla...
will postpics somewhere soon....
I'll make sure to send payment somewhere, at some point.

Send it to me.

More serious than thou
I am posting pics tomorrow/day after after I do a little clean up of the guy and i take inventory of the first wave of things i am getting rid of.

One thing, I don't know where you live Maidenlili, but I imagine that if you don't live in Japan, it might be a little costly for you in terms of shipping. The plush Godzilla is roughy 2'x3'x2'. I think it has to ship in an oversized box which is extra. I have not asked Japan Post yet, but Kuroneko Yamato takkyubin told be it would be north of 70,000 yen (rOughly 864 USD) for shipping to the East Coast of the US. This means that the shipping will probably be more than the actual cost of the toy. If you are still interested I will post pics here.
Sanjeev (Admin)
cohiba Wrote:
> Kuroneko Yamato takkyubin told be it would be
> north of 70,000 yen (rOughly 864 USD) for shipping
> to the East Coast of the US...

do what now?
= T w T =

I hate to say it, but there's basically no way I could afford that for shipping. I live in California, so it'll be a similar story.

I'm still interested to at least see it, though, so if you have pictures please do post them.

Depending on how long you are intending to hold on to it and where in Japan you live, perhaps I could just pick it up at some point? I am planning to take a trip to Japan some time in the near (but not immediate) future.
Sanjeev Wrote:
> cohiba Wrote:
> --------------------------------------------------
> -----
> > Kuroneko Yamato takkyubin told be it would be
> > north of 70,000 yen (rOughly 864 USD) for
> shipping
> > to the East Coast of the US...
> do what now? you DO read posts?

If you use a proxy service in Tokyo, they might have a cheaper deal with the delivery companies. As I said I have not checked with Japan Post and looked into their sea mail services (which I think are much cheaper, but takes about 1 month t arrive in the US).
Sanjeev (Admin)
cohiba, you can't possibly expect anyone to believe it costs $900 to ship a fucking stuffed animal from Japan to the US. If you don't have the toy, just say so.

hillsy Wrote:
> you DO read posts?

Negative. It's more akin to performing interpretive dance before the keyboard, wishing in vain for the internets to see me one day...

Occasionally, a word or two on the screen get through.
I looked into Japan Post and they don't ship anything that is bigger than 1.05m=LxWxH or 30kg. Regular shipping of 10kgs to the US is about 15,000 yen. The toy is under 30kg, but the size is too big to ship normally via regular mail. Also FedEx wants 140,000JPY (1750USD) as their cheapest shipping rate to NYC (i used NYC as a proxy address). SO it seems like the Kuroneko Yamato takkyubin is still the cheapest I can ship at from Japan.
hillsy- no i don't read most of the posts. only ones i deem worthwhile. like most people i have a life outside the internet that takes precedence.

Maidenlili- it seems like we won't be able to do business, but here is a quick pic of the guy. there is a small AA battery on top of his head to give you an idea of the size of the guy.

Sanjeev- i await to here the sound of you eating your words.
open | download - CIMG4026.JPG (262.8 KB)
Dawww... It looks so comfy! I really want it!

But yeah, that shipping is just out of this world.

= T w T =

Just for reference, how much were you looking for, and are you intending to get rid of him soon? If you're at all likely to hold on to it, I might just start saving up...
i was looking to get about 20,000 JPY, due to the condition it is in, but I should be able to get that amount. AS I said this one is difficult to find, I have yet to see in on auction. The problem is that it is huge and shipping anywhere is going to be a hassle.

I am looking to unload it sooner rather than later. I am trying to make some room in the apartment and this one takes up a lot of space.
Sanjeev (Admin)
cohiba Wrote:
> Sanjeev- i await to here the sound of you eating
> your words.

Coming from a dude who has always talked REAL big about having Jumbo Machinder prototypes, anime-color God Raideens, and other absurd shit...but somehow hasn't produced a single image of a SINGLE toy...for years...?

I'm hardly impressed...

$1750 to ship a stuffed animal to the US via Fedex? I'm sure.
look it up if you don't believe.

So, figure it out yourself and don't be a doubter before you do your own research.

I have already posted pictures of anime-color God reideen already not my fault if you haven't seen it, i actually posted it on this site. Also I don't need to prove anything to you.

Just wanted to make you see the errors of what you are saying. look at the fedex page and tell me what was wrong with my calculations. I used 80 JPY to USD. I rounded away the cents. so start eating crow. i know a good recipe for blackbird pie....
josh fraser (Moderator)
I am curious now, how do companies ship oversized stuffed animals to stores? I am not being flippant, but this pretty epic shipping cost made me wonder. I mean there are slower methods, if you don't want to do air mail. I can imagine a sea based freight service might be a much cheaper option. I mean mailing large from Asia is super pricey anyway ,and why at work we have to plan for sea based mail for large shipments of shoes.
Cohiba/Collector X/Whateverhtefuckyournameis

My comment was actually ribbing on Sanjeev, but you can go ahead and eat a bag of dicks. Too bad, too, because I SO looked forward to paying for a night of your drinking, just for the honor of hanging out with you, the next time I'm in Tokyo.

hillsy- i am sorry i misconstrued your comments. i apologize for my dickish remarks to you.
Cohiba, I'd like to ask, what is the rational behind not posting pics of your jumbo prototypes? Everyone here would love to see these. I've noticed when other collectors post photos of rare toys they use watermarks, although I honestly don't get the point of that either. Just curious.

Maybe this would work for the 'Zilla:

josh - i am sure they use freight containers. It only costs 50,000 USD per freight container with almost no limit on weight, but it does take a lot longer to ship as they use those big ass ships.

Mike- I don't post pics of the proto jumbos because they are in NY, and I am in Tokyo. This is something I explained a while ago. I would be happy to post pics next time I am in NYC and can visit my brownstone.

The godzilla photo is posted.
This is a fun thread

More serious than thou
Sanjeev (Admin)
cohiba, I don't need to go to to know that I don't have to ship a stuffed animal in a fucking refrigerator carton. The gods, the Fates, whomever, blessed me with a brain functional enough to realize that a stuffed animal can be crammed into a MUCH smaller box than its "fluffed" volume would suggest.

You don't have this toy. I'm guessing you lifted that image from an auction. If you really want me to eat crow, take a new picture of it with your hands in front, in Wu-Tang formation. That's not too hard for you, right? And I doubt you'd be able to find a pic of that online to steal.

You don't have anything to prove to me? Then why have we all been hearing about your brownstone, your lavish tastes and lifestyle, and how hard it is on you to have EVERY Japanese robot toy ever made *in storage*...for years now?
it is a fun thread. i wonder why everyone is so worked up about me posting pics. I have posted in the past, i posted just today. I usually don't post because I am a private person and I usually don't have the time or the inclination to post pics of my collection. Some people including people on this site have seen some of the stuff I have firsthand, and that is fine with me. I don't have nay urge to prove myself to anyone. That said, when I am trying to close a transaction I will post pics so the potential buyer can do some due diligence.

Basically tho, I am trying to get rid of some stuff, and I tried to give whoever wanted the stuffed godzilla plush due diligence up front. The price is a steal, but shipping overseas is extremely costly. Why would I make that up? I am trying to get rid of something, why would I make it more difficult than it has to be? I provided full disclosure as to which companies I looked at for pricing and what I was quoted. I thought anyone interested in the toy should know before a whopping shipping bill popped up. If the buyer wants me to ship another way and gets better pricing, I am all for it. I am not going to look up all the potential shipping sites just to find the best deal, as ultimately the buyer is paying the shipping, not me. I just did some initial due diligence. If Sanjeev doesn't believe my rates he should do some homework before saying anything, it's not like the prices are hidden somewhere.

However, it seems the deal did not go through, and all I wanted is for Maidenlili to get the first look, as she said it would go to a loving home. Unfortunately for Maidenlili I need to get rid of it quickly so I can't wait around.
It does get me thinking about posting other toys for sale on this site. Although I would like to see toys I have collected over the years go to someone who cares about them, it seems I might be better off selling them straight on some auction site. I dunno, something to think about.
just because i love you sooo much sanjeev, i will provide a picture of the toy with definite proof I own it for the time being. I can't take a picture with both my hands in front of the toy and aim my camera. So how's this? Anyone who buys the toy also gets the sign for free!
open | download - CIMG4027.JPG (246.7 KB)
Wait, do i hear munching noises? slurping of crow stew? maybe the crunch of crow confit?
if you need a better shot of that sanjeev, I'll try to get the whole toy in there, or i can write something else as well....
josh, i also think that most toystores fao schwartz etc have contracts with shipping companies that allow them to pay one flat rate a year for all the shipping they want, i guess like amazon. individuals i guess don't have the luxury.
Sanjeev (Admin)
cohiba Wrote:
> ...I usually don't
> post because I am a private person
> ...I don't
> have nay urge to prove myself to anyone.

Like hell. You take every opportunity to make coy comments about how you own every toy ever made and buy every new toy that comes out. Oh, please tell me AGAIN how much life sucks because you have to dig for weeks through your vaults to find a particular piece.

You're a joke and a headache.

> ...but shipping overseas is
> extremely costly. Why would I make that up?

Beats the shit outta me...but then again, it also beats the shit outta me why you constantly posture on this board in the first place. So...par for the course???

cohiba Wrote:
> just because i love you sooo much sanjeev, i will
> provide a picture of the toy with definite proof I
> own it for the time being.

Hot damn! Round 1, cleared! Congratulations.

Now on to Round 2. Seriously, how about this: send your stuffed animal to someone who doesn't SUCK at mail like TokyoBuyers HQ, and have them ship it for a sane fee? Because if you still think it'll take $900 to get that to the States, you're puffing lala.

Oh, and if you can clear this stage, maybe you can finally show us some Jumbo prototypes, non-existent Raideens, or some other bullshit. That'll be Round 3...and then maybe I'll dine on some crow...if you fly me to Japan on your private jet so we can dine on crunch of crow confit together, cooked and served by your personal private army.
Once again, I'd be happy to send to whoever wants to ship overseas to the buyer, I just looked up pricing at the companies I mentioned. I have never used tokyobuyers but if the ultimate buyer wants them to ship, of course we can make arrangements for that to happen. So anyone who still wants it but wants tokyobuyers to ship, If you provide a number I will call them to ask about prices.

What the fuck round 1? What are you playing street fighter? I don't get it, why should I fly you out? You should fly me out so I can watch you dine on crow,I certainly won't be having any....

Also once again, for anyone interested I posted oils of the anime colored godreideen here a long time ago. Sanjeev, you are a moderator, if you wanted you could probably find that pic. I remember asking someone how to post and that person posted it for me. It ws like 1997 1998, you want to see the pic find it in your archives yourself.... You would be doing gingaio a service as well if you posted it.
josh fraser (Moderator)
cohiba Wrote:
> josh, i also think that most toystores fao
> schwartz etc have contracts with shipping
> companies that allow them to pay one flat rate a
> year for all the shipping they want, i guess like
> amazon. individuals i guess don't have the
> luxury.

Man I would love to have that deal. Maybe I start my own oversized stuffed animal shipping company for private citizens. Knowing my luck it would become a travel agency for furries.
When I was at a previous job, the company had a deal with fedex. I shipped a boatload of stuff back to the states then. I just had the corporate account number and free shipping. Had free phone calls too. Not a big deal now with Skype etc., but back then it was a big deal to me. I don't know how much such a contract goes for but I reckon it can't be cheap!
josh fraser (Moderator)
Yeah when I moved back from Japan to the US, I luckily had the company pay for everything. I even got them to ship back antique furniture I bought there. Same deal as when I lived in Hong Kong. Otherwise no way I could afford it.

I looked at the shipping bills form those moves and it turned my hair white. More than what the items where worth almost.

It would be a fun game to see how small a box you could get that godzilla into. A photo shoot/ video with models pushing that damn thing into small boxes.

You probably could market and sell a video of that process too to off set the costs.
josh fraser (Moderator)
This guy could use my stuffed animal mailing services. I hope his grandson is not sewn inside.
open | download - plushie.jpg (283.1 KB)
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