T28 SG01 Styrofoam WANTED

Posted by mikenozon 
Hello all, well this is a bit like a bottle in the sea but who knows, maybe it will reach the land one day.

So, I'm looking to get the styrofoam of the T28 Godaikin to complete mine. If you have a spare box in bad condition with the styrofoam, Or if you see one passing for sale somewhere, well I'm very interested. I don't need the cover, just the styro to be more precise.

Thanks in advance.

Just curious, did you make your own cover? Good luck on the search!
No I've buy it with the original french cover. The guy who bought it back in the days kept only the box cover folded and he threw the styrofoam.
This happened to me as a kid....none of my original 70's-purchased toys have the styro, parents chucked'm.
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