Looking for: Jumbo Machinder & KO Jumbos

Posted by Godaikin 
I am looking for the following Jumbo Machinders & KO Jumbos:
Voltes V
Battle Fever J
God Sigma
Getter Robot
or if you have any Bootleg KO Jumbo please let me know.
please send me a PM with the price through PM system only.
thank you.
any KO Jumbos?
any real Jumbos?
loose or boxed.
PM please.
josh fraser (Moderator)
;-) You waited all of 24 hours.

Be patient.
josh fraser (Moderator)

This Italian knockoff you just got is pretty nice.

The last Popy Battle fever MIB on Yhj went over $1500 usd though a month ago. Best to check there if you need them right away.
I do check YJA twice daily.
sometimes I do miss the last minute bid because I am here at the hospital with my mother from 7am to 7pm daily.
I do get lucky from time to time to check and bid on stuff.
thanks for watching my back Josh :)
josh fraser (Moderator)
No problem. If anything on your list pops up, I will let you know via PM.
thank you again Josh.
that would help me big time to get my hands on those items.
Josh, are you the owner of collectiondx???
just a question.
Godaikin Wrote:
> Josh, are you the owner of collectiondx???
> just a question.

Josh B = owner of CDX

Josh F = Mr. C10 Gaiking and tin collector

Josh b = some runt who makes resin feet :P

Introducing Prometheus Rising Studio.
I make 3D printed mecha action figures.
LOL ok thanks for the detailed answer :)
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