FS: Vinyls and MOSPEADA toys.

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Prices do not include shipping. All items include original header cards, boxes, or tins. Soda can in photos is just for scale, IT IS NOT FOR SALE.

Marmit Sky Deviler (Onell Design version, clear glitter vinyl stuffed with glowie figs) - $50 PENDING

M1GO/Club Daikaiju glow Reptilicus - $75

M1GO/Club Daikaiju green Reptilicus - $65

M1GO Hipporito-seijin (first version, soft reddish vinyl with magnetic Ultraman) - $75 SOLD

Bandai AFFE exclusive Gamera 3 (includes bonus bootleg version) - $50

Wonderwall glow Usagi-Gon - $40

Super7 grey Bump - $10 SOLD

Marusan 2/3 scale Gorosaurus - $40

Marusan 2/3 scale Baragon - $40

DEAL: both Marusan 2/3 scale kaiju for $70

CM's Corp Tyrant - $25

CM's Corp Hercules 21 - $50

CM's Corp Taisho - $50

DEAL: all three Patlabor vinyls for $100

Incubot Nekosaur - $70, better pic:


Clover Dunbine - $25

Box o' Bullmark mini-repros - $30 SOLD

Mr. Bumper - $50, in case you're wondering, it's the original red version:


Some oddballs...

Inspire Kapool - $40, this is sort of weird, it's an unpainted vinyl of the vehicle form

Kaiyodo Mein Kampf - $10, this is an SD articulated vinyl kit you need to build and paint SOLD


Gakken "Henshin Robo" issue 1/12 MOSPEADA and 1/35 Legioss. The back of the Legioss box is ripped on both sides. Stickers are applied to both toys but they are both in good condition* with all accessories (including the little pilot figure for the Legioss). Asking $150 for the pair. SOLD

* I'd say "excellent" but the Legioss has whitening on the antenna from being bent:

Interested in anything here? If so, please send me a PM. (And if you want a deal, it helps if you offer to purchase multiple items.)

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