Vintage Vinyl Toys for Sale!

Posted by jaylay 
Prices dont inlcude shipping ...

PM me if youre interested in any ...

Bullmark, missing horn and his body is cracked on both sides $15

mint in bag Popy $15

Popy, no marker marks $25

Bullmark, no marker marks $30

Bullmark, missing horns, this is the medium size about 6" $20

Bullmark, fading pen writing on back $40

Bullmark, pen markings on leg, hand and waist $60

Bullmark, obviously missing parts but still nice! $40

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prices dont include shipping, make me offers ... email me if youre interested in any ...

goranger $15, Mazinger $20, smaller dude $10

Popy riders $10 each

T-28 $20, Raideen $15

Medicom Diamond Eye $20

red eye medium sized Kikaida $60

Tigermask $80

mirrorman $25, Devilman SOLD, Akumaizer $15, red/silver dude $15

KR V3 $40

Popy Amazon Rider $15, Bullmark Diapolon $20, Bullmark Ultraman $10

Bandai Getter 2 $25

$15, $15, Inazuman SOLD

Medium sized Akumaizer $30

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prices are up
Sanjeev (Admin)
Check your PMs.
Anonymous User
Sanjeev Wrote:
> Check your PMs.

Yes, Please do!
Sanjeev (Admin)
Hey, jaylay, check your PMs.
Yeah, he's not answering his email, either.

Inspiring confidence.


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Hey, jaylay, check your PMs.
josh fraser (Moderator)
Has he ever responded to anyone? I am honestly asking, and am just curious because he has multiple sale threads.
Sanjeev (Admin)
He definitely hasn't responded to me regarding this particular sales thread, but just for the record, I *have* bought stuff from him before from previous threads...and the transaction went totally fine.
I too have dealt with him through R-J, and here, a few times, and never had an issue. Return emails have taken a day sometimes due to busyness or whatever, but always had a smooth deal, and quick shipping from Hawaii.
Try message through ebay?
emailed over a week ago, PM'd around the same time. *shrug* Shouldn't be buying toys, anyway ...

Check your front yard. I think there's a "Do NOT Feed Teh Geeks!" sign out by the sidewalk. That'll do it.

sorry for the late replies guys, busy all over and hardly check this forum ... ive only got PMs from hillsy, sanjeev and acroray ... no other PMs ... emailing me is faster but not guaranteed a response due to bombardment of emails from various sales forums ... kindly email me direct to to inquire about your interests ... thanks
Anonymous User
I got the little 'footprint' Ultraman (Zoffy) yesterday, which came nicely boxed and shipped. Thanks! It's now the oldest Ultra-vinyl in my small sofubi collection.
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