SERIOUS TOYZ Winter '11 auction coming ( NOW!)

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Fall 2010 Toy and collectable auction coming soon.
EDIT: Moved back to FEB 2011.

Page of some preview pics is up. A few cool robot and space toys are always in there, but all sorts of the usual nostalgic character/tv/cartoony/superhero, and car & truck stuff.
I always find cool stuff.

Take a look, and register to get an alert when the rest of the pics are up, and when the action will start.
Some details here, []

Go to home page tabs for past auctions and results.

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Wow, those monster nodders are ridiculously clean. I'm almost tempted to think they've been repainted. I've never seen them like that before.

Nice sealed Addams Family figures too.

"There's no Bigfoot in The Awakening." -James Bickert
I can always stop in at the store, and verify, or ask Tom to let me take an "actual pic" of something if anyone needs.

Also, I was there a couple months back when an insane consignment of mint lunch boxes came in a shipment. If you're into lunch boxes, you'll be all set. ;p
Sanjeev (Admin)
Hmmm....well, Jon, if you happen to be going that way, if you could take more pics of the Hubley Disintegrator, they'd be much appreciated! It looks mad clean, but I'd like a shot of the cap-roll chamber (if they let you handle it), and the bottom of the handle (the bakelite grips are known to lift from the handle over time near the bottom). Oh, and if they have the box, shots of that would be dope.

But don't go through the trouble JUST for me: if you're there taking pics of other stuff, go for it...but I'm not exactly swimming in dough here, so I may not even have a shot at this thing!
I'm debating bidding on some of the lunch boxes. Not sure if I want to start a new collection, but the few on the site are pretty great and there are a few others that I've wanted for a while.
At some point soon, as promised on the announcement page, there will be multiple view shots of each item uploaded for online viewing. Just single teaser/catalog image for now.

Next time I'm round, I'll stop in with camera in hand, and ask what other views are data-stored already. That Disintegrator is a classic. One comes up on consignment pretty much every space toy auction. See rougher ones at flea market/antique shows every time too, but most stuff consigned with SeriousToyz is pretty primo stuff, previously hoarded by collectors...(Wait, is that us??) not yard sale grubbies.

Most afternoons, phoning, or emailing the store will get questions answered, and special info requests granted ;0).

I'd HIGHLY recommend anyone who's passing through lower NY (Westchester) call ahead and stop in to see stuff in person. There is a nice actual store to check stuff out in cases, and on shelves. It's nothing gigantic like Morphy's, but quite cool. Just my pimpin' two cents, haha.

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when does the actual auction happen? How do you bid?
Hey y'all, auction moved back to NOW! Feb 5, 2011.
Lotsa cool toys and advertising stuffs, and many chance to get some good deals,since smaller audience (same as any real, non-ebay, auction house) =0)

Full list of items, and lots more pictures are all up NOW FEB 5, 2011, and bidding ends in two phases on this FRI, and SAT Feb 11th, and 12th.

Registration page:

Hope some of you get something cool.

Main auction header page.

Not too heavy on spacey stuff, or robots but here's The "Space" page. Classic sci-fi, and StarTrek, Star Wars vintage.

[], nevermind, all links go to main auction page. Just surf around. )

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