[QUITTING SALE] Selling Every Single Toy I Have

Posted by Gcrush 
Sometimes people run from it in their nightmares. Sometimes people flirt with the idea as a joke. Hell, some people might even do it from time to time. You can put me in that last category...

I want to be free. So I am putting it all up for sale. Every last bit of it. Over 425 auctions that will mark then end of this habit.

This includes Soul of Chogokin, Aoshima Shin Seki, Medicom Kubricks, Real Action Heroes, Bandai Godzilla & Ultraman, Sideshow, Hot Toys, Hasbro Star Wars, GI Joe, books, magazines, cards, and more. It is all going. I am not keeping a single toy or collectible. And the only reason you should care is because you can profiteer from this. All auctions start at just $0.99. So why not get a $200 toy for less than a buck? Other important things to note - YES there is combined shipping, no international bidders, Paypal payments only, and payment needs to be made within 48 hours of the auctions' closing.

But don't sit around on your laurels - these auctions close in three days on August 29th, 2007.


Oh, and you also need to post pictures in this thread of any booty you win off of my auctions. Word.

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Sanjeev (Admin)
Damnit, Sparks...you're even selling the glowie GMK!?
Amen, brother. This is as real as it gets. It's not about the money, it's not about the space, hell it's not about anything other than the zen. There was a moment of clarity when I realized my stuff was owning me instead of the other way around. I'm not hatin' on anybody who stays in it. But for me, the time is right to get out. C'whatimsayin?
Sanjeev (Admin)
I feel you, sun.

A shame, but you're right: possessions shouldn't possess you. I kinda feel that way when I look at a big pile of toys that I haven't even had a chance to open, a pile of kits that I haven't painted, or a old toys I haven't reviewed yet...

I'd wanna get out, too...but I somehow just can't seem to shake the love...


'Us Massholes straight up just don't give a fuck. I still pronounce "Mazinger" as "Tranzor Z".'
G, you are my hero.
Canada is almost a state of the USA, can I bid? :P
this isn't just because I couldn't find the accessories for those 12"ers,is it?


Good luck and good going!

I know what you mean, Gcrush! I'm slowly trying to sell off some of my stuff (but I can't afford to be as generous as you--I totally need the money now), to just focus on LESS. My collection wasn't large to begin with--and it's getting smaller. My vinyl stuff is where I want it to be and can fit on one shelf, A large robot or two (love the 1/12 VOTOMS and the fewture getter), PVC statues are fun but I can keep it to one a month, if that.

It's tough to let it all go! more power to you! unfortunately because I am also trying to cut down for the zen of it (and some funds), I can't help you...but maybe I will anyway :P

Good luck!
That's going to be one hell of a packing job. It might take you a full week. I do not envy you that. We'll see you in a few years when you decide you want back in.

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Yo, you TBDXers are a bunch of sweethearts. I appreciate the support and I won't be abandoning the board forever. I may be taking some time off, but it's not a permanent thing. The toy collecting though, is off for good. My last few sales were all testing the water to see if I would feel the urge to dive back in... Which I didn't. There really isn't a thing I will miss. At some point collecting just became more oppressive an activity for me than it was liberating. Good stuff shouldn't be like that. Time to move on...

And for the record - IT IS ALL COREY'S FAULT. Kind of. It wasn't the forgotten accessories. It was the story he once posted about his brother's apartment full of toys burning down and the subsequent euphoria he felt at being liberated. The little seed of that story germinated into the current mondo quitting sale before you. Is that ostention, or distention? I have no idea.

Anyway, seriously - TBDX AM LOVE. Thanks to all for keepin' it real!
"It was the story he once posted about his brother's apartment full of toys burning down and the subsequent euphoria he felt at being liberated."

Did I ever relate the ending to that (continuing) story?

In two short years he had more toys than ever before.

Then he moved in with a girl.

Now all his toys are in storage and, he tells me, he hardly buys any toys at all.

Hardly. Sorta. Sometimes.

cae Wrote:
> Did I ever relate the ending to that (continuing)
> story?

I didn't catch it if you did.

Still, no more toyz 4 me. Nevah evah!
Man... you are scaring me!

mcfitch (Admin)
So when he's done selling we'll all give him a month or so off then anonymously mail him toys to suck him back in right? ;-)

I'm glad to hear that you can follow through with this decision. I'm sure it wasn't easy, but if it's what's right for you, then it's what's right for you. personally I've toyed with *groan* the idea before but I can't seem to do it. I am however going to trim down a bit. Moving in a month or so always gets these ideas going in my head and I've had to move my collection far too many times in the past 6 years.

Matthewalt "I actually kinda LIKE that approach! You know: let's make a TOY. Remember those? Products designed to be played with without breaking? DO YOU REMEMBER, LOVE?!"
Mason - keep the toys, send the bacon. ^^

BTW - Corey, you and your brother make me wonder if collecting is a hereditary condition. Any thoughts on that?
I think there's a good distinction between getting "owned" by the toys instead of the toys bringing you escape or fun or what-have you. A hobby shouldn't overcome you. If I'm reading into Gcrush's statements correctly, they weren't bringing him the escape or liberty that they continue to bring many people here. And ultimately that's something that every person has to decide on their own.

It seems to me there's also an important distinction between those spiritual aspects and the pragmatic side of "I have too much f*cking toy crap" that I need to get rid of because the floor is tilting to one side of the apartment and I don't need to have 200 duplicate Zinc Beetleborg bootlegs. There's some freedom there-but ultimately you're still just slimming down and moving around what you have.

GCrush-I salute you and your new found freedom! And My best wishes to you on your new endeavors! I will miss your input on the board!
> you and your brother make me wonder if collecting is a hereditary condition

I don't think it is hereditary.

True, I had a great aunt that collected dolls -she was a world traveler and tried to get a doll from each country- but she's the only one I know of.

I think, if anything, my brother and I are reacting to a number of conditions of our childhood:

1) Compared to the children we interacted with, we had very few toys, rarely received any new ones, had limited access to television, and lived in the country.

2) As children, we were allowed very little control over our belongings.

3) We tended to destroy our toys through violent play, mainly initiated by my older brother who was a very troubled child.

I didn't start collecting toys per se until '96 when I found myself working with my brother, who was already an active toy collector. His influence upon me was rather strong.

Interesting stuff, Corey (as always). Comparing childhoods, my brother and I wanted for very little in terms of material stuff. My parents were great over-compensators because they had so little growing up.

Anyway... So was that story about your brother's apartment burning down fluff, or the real deal? Not that it matters.

Also, is he as handsome as you? Not that that matters either.

All that counts is if he eats bacon like a champ.
> So was that story about your brother's apartment burning down fluff, or the real deal?


He actually did it twice in the same building, in the same way (though the second fire was far smaller - probably because there was so little left to burn at the time - he'd only had about 6 months to recover from the first incident)

The fire marshal was not amused. I'm amazed that my brother wasn't fined, arrested OR evicted.

> Also, is he as handsome as you?

No one is as handsome as me.


But seriously, mad props for the willpower.
Gingaio was right - packing and shipping this stuff is an insane task. Still, it is 100% worth it beyond a shadow of a doubt. But just so youse guys know how nutty it is, I will post before and after pics once all is said and done.
Pony up the pics, buddy.
hypermook Wrote:
> Pony up the pics, buddy.

I will when everything is done-done. I still have bidders who have not paid as well as a deadbeat or two. Sit tight. Probably early next week things will be 100% taken care of...
Are you feeling any hollow regret, or have the waves of Sweet Freedom washed over you yet?
likely he is feeling frustration:

of the time it takes to mail the stuff off

of the inherent hassles of the ebay/paypal system

of the deadbeat and/or slow-witted bidders

of the stuff that he simply cannot sell

The pangs of regret will come some months, if not years, later. If he is lucky (and wise) they will be small and easily shrugged off and no other unhealthy addiction(s) will rear their hydra-like heads to take the place of this one.

Just a guess.

hypermook Wrote:
> Are you feeling any hollow regret, or have the
> waves of Sweet Freedom washed over you yet?

The only regrets I feel are the ones Corey mentioned:

The time needed to mail things as I cannot get on with the rest of my life whilst sitting in line at the post office.

The ass-raping fees and anti-seller nature of Ebay and Paypal which allow all manner of lowlifes to hassle you immediately after "winning" your auctions.

The deadbeats and dimwits that never knew what they were bidding on or changed their minds afterwards.

And the unsellable junk (which I had to throw in as free goodies into other boxes just to get it out of the house) because their weight adds to the shipping fees I pay.

But the STUFF? Goddamnitman! I don't miss a shred of it. Not a single vinyl, PVC, or zinc shred. And as Corey has also optimistically prognosticated, my luck and wisdom are fortified to impermeable stalwart status for decades to come. But the true waves of relief have no set timetable. I suspect my real joy will happen spontaneously in a few years when I look back and reflect on how I did the right thing. ^^
Are you keeping anything, like one tiny little thing? Like that thumbless Stormtrooper from your childhood, the one you used to bury in the backyard?
Roger Wrote:
> Are you keeping anything, like one tiny little
> thing? Like that thumbless Stormtrooper from your
> childhood, the one you used to bury in the
> backyard?

Roger, have you been looking in my closet? How else could you have known about Stormy?

The answer to your question will have to wait. Stay tuned...
>Still, no more toyz 4 me. Nevah evah!

I'll go ahead and ask the question that I'm sure has been on everyone's minds: Does that declaration extend to sex toys?
Robaato D Wrote:
> >Still, no more toyz 4 me. Nevah evah!
> I'll go ahead and ask the question that I'm sure
> has been on everyone's minds: Does that
> declaration extend to sex toys?

It depends on whether or not they are made from silicone, PVC, or zinc. And the presence or absence of a waist-joint. All of these things must be considered...
There was a general in ancient China who retired after many years of military service. Not wishing to sit around doing nothing, he took up the hobby of collecting antiques.

One day, he sat in his study to admire his latest acquisition – a small antique vase. It was expensive but worth it. He turned it this way and that, examining the exquisite patterns that ancient craftsmen had worked into it.

Suddenly, a careless movement of his fingers caused the vase to slip from his hands. The general tried to catch it, but its slick surface was difficult to grasp. He dove forward to try again. It was a close call, but he finally managed to hold on to it, mere inches from the floor.

The general's heart was pounding rapidly. His breathing was frantic. He gripped the vase tightly and stood up slowly. After a while, he was able to regain some composure.

He was relieved to have avoided damage, but something was not right. Instead of elation, he felt only puzzlement. "In all my campaigns," he thought to himself, "charging against the enemy, leading men into battle, even facing much bigger armies than mine… I never felt as much fear as I did just now. Why?"

Throughout his military career, the general always recognized the possibility of losing his life, but it didn't frighten him at all. Somehow, on this particular day, the possibility of losing the vase frightened him a lot.

In an instant of clarity, he saw the problem. He had become too attached to the vase. That attachment was the cause of emotional turmoil. He looked at the vase again, seeing it in a completely different light. Then, with his mind perfectly at ease, he relaxed his hands. The vase dropped and shattered into pieces.
See, now that's what I'm talkin'bout! Scopedog nailed most of it.

But there is still a level to this that cannot be explained in words. People will either get it or they won't. I believe that most of you do. Which is why TBDX AM LOVE, yo.
I'm cutting out, too, though in a tad different way.

For one thing, I'm not selling all of my toys at the moment, and for a number of reasons:

time, hassle, the fact that I still foresee creative projects in which many could be instrumental (might as well finish the book), and an admitted weakness for a number of them (albeit a relatively small number in terms of how many I actually still own)

Yet I must stop buying, obsessing, and revolving around them (my back is killing me with all this revolving and spinning and oy!). My life is not only taking but HAS TO take a different tack if I am to survive and also remain capable of self-respect.

Here's another interesting point: why is it, being aware of the planet's advancing peril, I could justify having a ridiculously unnecessary product, whose manufacture is environmentally detrimental, flown and driven half-way round the earth using further polluting methods, just to put it in a case for only momentary and erratic consideration?

I've found I can't. So, too, must perish my dreams of creating my own unnecessary vinyl fetishes, no matter how much they appeal to me and how long and hard I've thought about it. The idea is just too selfish and another selfish idea can no longer be afforded (yes, go ahead an picture me in sandals with a beard, hugging a tree, and sipping wheat grass - but for god's sake make me more handsome, willya?)

Having tried to swear off toys before, only to be sucked back in by the entrancing pictures and infectious excitement of the forums, I feel I must put those aside as well - a real task as, for ten years, now, the second site I click on every time I sign on to the internet, after my e-mail, has been TBDX (thanks, Alen!!!!!).

I've made good friends here and good acquaintances, I've had a lot of fun, gotten into some silly fights, and discovered a lot about myself that might have otherwise remained hidden - but I've also wasted a hell of a lot of time, money and energy. It is time to stop.

I've hesitated to make any declaration of this kind, seeing it as little more than self-serving and overly dramatic, but this thread seems like a good place to do so and the time is ripe.

I hope to remain in touch with many of you and I'm sure I'll not totally disappear off the map but, for now: so long and thanks for all the fish!


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Sorry to see you go, man. (Who else are we going to turn to for bad puns? :))

There is definitely a saturation point for most people, that point where they stop, freak out, and (occasionally) decide to sell everything. It's got to be a primal thing, some trigger that makes one think, Oh, shit, the cave is too full! Where am I going to store all the wooly mammoth carcasses that'll get me through the winter?

I remember "retiring" about 4 years ago only to be pulled back in last year. I also go through periodic all-encomapssing purges (e.g., no more Transformers now, no more reissue valkyries now) and regrets (why the hell did I sell that Predaking reissue set? Why the hell did I sell my reissue valks?).

After I bought the Yamato Giant Robo for the second time (after selling it), I realized that there are toys from shows that I really love, and thankfully, I don't really love all that many shows. A good, narrow focus (wasn't there a thread about this a while back?) can offset, or at least delay, the purging instinct.
Sorry to see you go, cae.

I've already sold a lot of my stuff--have cut back on buying shit in general. vinyl is new to me, so I don't plan on stopping--though I have been slowing my roll. i can see myself still doing a purchase every now and then. I want to get back to my old self.

vinyl-yes, a little. I can say "no" when I want to.
max factory guyver--yes, whenever a new release becomes available. (anyone got a dr. balcus w/ test subject that they're not feelin' anymore?)
max factory votoms--depends on the models. no rush.
occassional slutty or interesting PVC statue--sure as long as I can slip it by my gf. not too much or too often.

there's a lot of living to do. I used to obsess in front of the computer day after day about this stuff. It's great, but it's easy to lose yourself sometimes. I guess it comes down to what kind of person you are. some can be comfortable with collecting and having many things over the years, and others grow increasingly uncomfortable. there's no good or bad--right or wrong to me. just a difference.
cae Wrote:
> (yes, go ahead an picture me in sandals
> with a beard, hugging a tree, and sipping wheat
> grass - but for god's sake make me more handsome,
> willya?)

No one is more handsome than you.

TBDX has got'cher back, Corey. I do, too. Just keep us posted on your photography and inevitable coffee-table-mook. We love you too much to stay in that dark about them.
WOOHOO - less competition!!

Just kidding!!

In reality, you guys are depressing me. I know I have a problem. I've always known I did since I started. I've always had a completist mentality in terms of collecting. But in the past, I've always been able to ask myself, can I live without it? And in most cases, I was able to say no (and yes, there were some pieces that I could NOT live without ;) ). However, this past year, I was able to find so many items for such low prices, that I could not resist. I went crazy. And although each purchase was for a great price, they add up. Plus, I've recently been buying everything imaginable. It doesn't help that my wife has recently gone on a spending binge, so I feel justified to do the same, while still subliminally recognizing (but refusing to acknowledge aloud) how stupid this is.

I wish I had the willpower to quit. But there is almost nothing that makes me feel better than seeing a new package on my doorstep!! For about a month, I went without a purchase, and I really felt depressed during that time period. No sh_t!! (I think I do suffer from a mild case of depression) Plus, there is not much else I would want to do with my free time (routine lack of sleep leads to a listless attitude). If not searching the internet, I'd be vegging in front of the TV. Not much difference.

So while I commend you guys, I simply could not and will not follow suit. I do really want to cut back significantly, though. I just passed up a Voltes jumbo that ended up selling for a mere $250!!!! And I am cursing myself non-stop for that one. ;)

I would love to sell off part of my collection, too. My overcrowded display is really depressing me. When I get something new, things get even more absurd!! Plus, every new thing requires major reassembly. Perhaps I'll just have to put part of my collection away, like others have suggested. But even that is difficult, because its hard to find the energy to do that and also to change things out in the future. Although the idea of playing with displays always seems like so much fun, the actual implementation is always hell. The end product justifies the means, but knowing the task at hand is daunting. It took me forever to set up my current display, and as I mentioned, I am losing the passion to put new additions into the display.

Oh well. C'est la vie. I guess I should be happy I don't have more significant concerns in my life!! My kids are healthy, I have a good job, etc.

Anyway, congrats on your tough decisions and good luck to you guys.
Kingboy D Wrote:
> I know I have a problem.

Yo, Kingboy - you do what's best for you. No one would know what that entails more than yourself.

I know you weren't looking for opinions, so forgive my sanctimonious indulgence... But if you feel that you have a problem - WHATEVER it is - take the time to address it now before it escalates or begins to drag you down. 'Tis easier to nip things in the bud than prune them back later. You feelin' me?
I don't imagine that I'll ever stop collecting. But fewer and fewer items seem "important" to me these days. I've been buying less and much of what I have bought has not even come out of it's packaging. And I have a mental pile of stuff that I will likely sell at some point in the not too distant future (laziness, not attachment, prevents me from doing it now).

"There's no Bigfoot in The Awakening." -James Bickert
gcrush i understand that you want to quit but i dont understand why you don´t want to keep nothing. did the toys one day suddenly just appear to be a stupid hobby? Why? because it is a childish adult thing? Is that bad? I think it is good to keep in touch your child side if in the rest of your life you are responsible and do what you are supposed to do.
If you colected rolex franck muller watches where one of them is easily more expensive that your whole toy collection then everyone would say you are a sucessfull grown up and that you have taste and you would be the envy of the golf course and all those rich doctors and dentists that are better than you and me. but these fucking watches are not even accurate. A 25 bucks quartz can tell better time! But you know what i love watches and i would get a rolex easily! and who wants to know the time anyway we are all going to die because everything is getting fucked up either by the terrorists or bush or obama or debt spirals or polar cap melting and flooding everyone in the seaside!

And cae you Really want to help the world?

Then stop eating pork! That would make a much more difference that stoping buying vynils. Pork was not made for you to eat them no matter what bandai and the bible tells you. And this goes to all of you pork lovers!

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