Armarauders finally happening?

Posted by fujishig 
I know this forum is (almost?) dead, but I remember first hearing about Don Figueroa's armarauders here, I dunno, two or three years ago, then I saw it solicited in BBTS and amiami and then this feature on fwoosh:


It's more expensive than I initially thought (years ago) but it's also much bigger and feature-filled than I thought too...

edited to add:
and of course collectiondx is already all over this too...


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Yep, it's happening! A few early protos, and now pre-production units were sent out for custom paint jobs, and reviews for feedback.

I was just sharing vendor tables with Chachipower(rocketpuncharmy) at NJCC, and he had that CDX sample, and the green weathered enklinedesigns prototype on display. I wanted to run away with it in a bin, hahaha!
They got a lot of atttention at the show.

Very nice details, as the reviews show, with a nice adjustable base stand/bay. A foot tall robot in a big base really has nice shelf presence.

They are strongly considering releasing unpainted kits in a small run, so customs can be done, and submitted to possibly be added as official canon reference.
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