Injection Molding Experience?

Posted by Jake 
Hello, anyone here have any experience with injection molding plastic parts?

My brother is working on a game and making the transition from Shapeways to injection molds. He is looking to talk to folks who have gone through the process. Please message me if this is you.

Thank you
I have quite a bit of injection molding experience, but it has mostly been is in high volume "mature" products..."Mature" is manufacturing jargon for things that have been on the market for a long time with little to no updating. Things like pressure switches, the plastic housing on electrical relays,etc. Stuff that has high volume like 50,000 pieces per month.

But, how deep are your brothers pockets?

For just a one foot square billet of tool grade steel you are looking at minimum of $2500. Plus you still need it machined to make your mold ($100+ per hour plus minimum of 30 hours). You are looking at investment of $8,000 to $10,000 just to get started...and that is the super cheap side of things.

Maybe your brother should look into resin casting first before looking to injection molding because it cost so much less to get started.
Yeah, he's had two quotes already, so he is aware of the costs involved. Since it is a big investment he was hoping to speak with other parties on the 'customer' end to get advice on what to expect/what he can do to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

Thank you
Sanjeev (Admin)
Jake, have you ever met Derik from Shogun Plastics? I think he's local (he's been to a Summit or two). He does all his own injection-molding at home using those hand-press kajiggers. I don't know how much that sort of setup costs, how much work is involved in the process, or how many units can be produced in a certain amount of time (or before the mold gives out). What I *do* know is that the parts are fucking amazing. His Jumbo Machinder missiles look fresh from the factory in the 70's.

Another resource to look into might be Cool Mini Or Not (did we talk about this before?). I know Ted Terranova (another local/Summit goer) got his Rivet Wars game produced by them through Kickstarter.
Cool, thanks for the references. I've talked to those guys, but not about this stuff in particular.

My brother was planning to hit up the FB pages and solicit some play testers. I don't think he's gotten to that yet, he just found out he's been accepted to the PAX East show in March!

Thank you
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