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So I am cruising through the WalMart and check out the toy aisle. Sitting there on the bottom shelf was the new Jakks Pacific 20" tall figure assortment. I snagged the Boba Fett. He is pretty awesome for the whopping $18.99 I paid for him. He looks awesome standing next to Jumbos or large scale vinyls of other sorts... I will probably cave as I see the other Imperial armored troops and pick them up as well. The only weird part is that he didn't come with a gun of any sort. Luckily the old Hasbro 12" figures had weapons that were way oversized. I just snagged a blaster from IG88....
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Speaking of Big... has anyone taken a gander of the new JUMBO (31 inch) X-Wing from Hasbro Hero series? Saw it at Target yesterday for $30 and was tempted. Very little play features... no opening cockpit (thus you can't seat an action figure) and the wings are fixed and don't "X" out. Only the landing gears are retractable. The size is the whole point and I think it looks great.... HUGE, plasticky, durable TOY that you don't have to worry about tossing into the pool... er... I mean Dagobah swamp.
That big X-Wing doesn't X.....Really....That is like transformers that don' t transform....pass
Thought I posted earlier but it must have fallen off.

Big X-wing and Falcon from Rebels are both super-unfortunate non-toys in my book.

Huge, hollow plastic, no openings for figures...what's the point? I guess the large Falcon has sound effects, but other than
whoosing around the backyard with a 2 1/2 foot long flat hardened plasticated beach ball, what do you do with it?

If there was room for figs, I could almost excuse such lazy toymaking, but this things are pitiful!


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