anyone in NY/Long Island area

Posted by cohiba 
someone with time on their hands looking for part time work?
my brother needs some help in moving stuff out of our parents house.
Job will include:
some minimal manual labor, moving some stuff, helping clean and throw out things, some driving, as my brother does not have a license. cataloging some things that will go into auction- photographing items jotting down serial numbers etc.
help pack stuff for shipment.

basically being an all around helper and right hand man whenever my brother is in the area to clean stuff up.

Only on weekends, probably most of the daytime saturday.

Will pay gas and hourly fee (which is negotiable, of course). And you will get first offer of first refusal for things that I decide to sell from my collection. I am planning on selling some American jumbos, some chogos, matchbox/hotwheels cars, star wars toys, other toys, records, Japanese anime DVDs, some comics and some manga.

Trustworthy individuals please.

If there is some nterest please PM me. We can come to an agreement on hourly fee and times you would be requested to work.
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