Looking For Mystery Toy From Childhood

Posted by Jake 
OK, so when I was a kid, I had one of a series of toys that I cannot find any info for.

It was a glove that had a vaguely Barbie sized male doll torso on it. Most of the glove was black, but the pointer and middle fingers were made to look like shorts so that those fingers became the legs for the figure.

There were maybe 4 or 5 different kinds, all sports players. They came with boots to put on the ends of your fingers to complete the lifelike package. (accurate for sports players with one leg significantly shorter than the other)

I had the skateboarder. I'm pretty sure there were also soccer and football figures.

I cannot come up with any combination of "glove", "doll", "figure", "sports", "toy" etc. etc. that yields any results.

Does anyone here remember what I am talking about? This would have probably been late 1980s.

Thank you
The only toy series I'm aware of that closely matches your description are the old Finger Dings from the late sixties to early seventies. But that most likely isn't it, but maybe that could jog peoples memory.

Wish you luck!
mcfitch (Admin)
Oh I remember these from the late 80s. Damned if I remmeber the name though.

Matthewalt "I actually kinda LIKE that approach! You know: let's make a TOY. Remember those? Products designed to be played with without breaking? DO YOU REMEMBER, LOVE?!"
Sanjeev (Admin)
A very wise toy guru, as mysterious as he is sage--whose name might rhyme with Dat Mouty--had this to say:

"He's looking for a line called Real Men that was produced by Mattel in 1986. They made 3 basic figures and 2 deluxe sets."

Thank you
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