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Sanjeev (Admin)
I'm a *little* shocked that super-high-end, large-scale, diecast (likely) mecha figures haven't been announced by Hot Toys or some other young upstart Chinese company...
I think you'll see those down the pipe, especially if the movie becomes a big hit in Asia (and it's apparently off to a great start in China).

Also these seem like ideal candidates for high end figures from a company like ThreeA which did those impressive "Real Steel" figures.

Yeah, I'm hemming and hawing about that 18 inch G.Danger. Not a fan of the design but it's a friggin' 18 inch toy robot from "Pacific Rim" and at least, you'll know those will probably go big in the secondary market down the line if I cared for that sort of thing...
A word about overseas markets and films - in The Hollywood Economist 2.0 by Edward Jay Epstein, it is pointed out that foreign market numbers mean jack shit when reported in popular media. He discusses how studios might take 40% gross from those figures and about 15% net. The main causes are currency fluctuations and tariffs. (Home media sales don’t count for much anymore and are declining for most products, too.) This means that no one reeeally knows if PacRim made or lost money aside from the studio accountants. If it made enough, you’ll see another one soon; if not, you won’t. Personally, it was such an awful mess I couldn’t care less if it got a sequel.

As for the prospect of large, cheap toys based on monsters and rowbutts – I'm glad someone is doing it, but I wish they were more interesting designs.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Personally, [Pacific Rim] was such an awful mess I couldn’t care less if it got a sequel.

As for the prospect of large, cheap toys based on monsters and rowbutts – I'm glad someone is doing it, but I wish they were more interesting designs.

Ha! The movie was pretty fucking bad, but I *do* hope it is successful and gets a sequel because I want to support movies like this. Original stories involving overblown mecha/giant monster sfx budgets! Then we'll get more large, cheap toys...and the pattern will continue... (until it jumps the shark like most superhero movies! :P ).
So looks like Series 2 is out....similar to Series 1, the weekly SoCal collectibles convention, Frank & Sons had the set for under $50 (did you get yours, Chieh?!?). I missed out on it but have a BBTS pre-order coming soon - hopefully by the next millenia or so.... Anyway, these were the first reviews of the toys that I found online:

Leatherback kaiju looks really really nice. BIG, tons of cool articulation (including FINGERS). It seems like the best "toy" quality figure of the series so far. I'm really looking forward to this one:


Striker Eureka looks good too, though those loosely attached wrists blades are already going to annoy me to no end.


And there's a Gipsy Danger with "Battle Damage" - pretty much the same fig as the first but with a better looking paint app and attachable swords.

Overall, this series look like a big improvement in quality over the first. No sign of the 18 incher Danger yet....
Thanks for the heads-up, Harvey. Series 2 looks good (both the kaiju and Striker), but I'm going to save my resources for the 18" line. Just placed a preorder for the 18" Knifehead and Gipsy at Despite Gipsy of the weaker designs from the flick (not that anyone's mentioned it or anything :)), I'm hoping that these two releases pave the way for the other mechs from the movie. Not just Striker Eureka, but Coyote Tango, with hints of Guncannon all over it, would be amazing in a big scale.

I was lucky enough to nab someone's BBTS pre-order sloppy seconds for the Gipsy 18 incher though I'm probably way down on the priority list... hopefully they'll have enough to ship to everyone who pre-ordered as I'm suddenly really looking forward to it. I'll consider the jumbo Knifehead too (light up markings! to scale with 18 inch Gipsy which means it's really REALLY big!) once it's available for pre-order at BBTS....
Funny. It migh have been mine that you nabbed. I cancelled my BBTS preorder recently because I saw the Knifehead for preorder and wanted to combine it with Gipsy.
Seen this yet, Harv?

Wait... whut? AxeHead?!?

Is that for Series 3 of the regular line or another 18 incher?
Yeah, it looks like the 18" body, but it's supposed to be part of series 3 (6" line). If the 18" line does continue, and we won't know until the sales are in for wave 1, I imagine it'll be another jaeger before another kaiju. Or at least I'm hoping.

Info here: []
Sanjeev (Admin)
I'd consider getting one of those 18" kaiju...with the specific intention of painting in all those glowie "cracks" in the body with aqua glow paint! ;)
Well, the 18" will have LEDs, though unless the cracks are made of clear plastic, they're probably not going to glow.
Sanjeev (Admin)
...then...what are the LEDs for (if not the glowing cracks)??
I was thinking if NECA cheaped out, it would just use them for the eyes/mouth and paint the cracks instead. Hopefully, they'll go the whole way and do it right.
Tetran and Beralgon on the top shelf?

For reference:


Yeah, it looks like it....but isn't there some kind of law against displaying sofubi with Neca figures?!?
First review of the 18 inch Gipsy... looks good... nice and clickety clackety and it can stand (unlike Neca's 18 inch Iron Man figure)! My favorite part of this video though is the dude's cat who keeps photo-bombing his video recording.

Thanks, Harv! I knew the 18" Gipsies were shipping out, but I didn't think anyone would have gotten one yet (though Neca's selling them on eBay at way inflated prices).

But yeah, it does look like a lot of good old-fashioned clackety toy. I'm not crazy about the battle damage (seriously, bullet holes?), but I can see Neca revisiting this mold and producing a "clean" version, hopefully. And hopefully, the next time, the company can include some freakin' interchangeable plasma caster hands. I've never been an accessories guy, but this toy can really use those laser hands.

Derpy design notwithstanding, I think it'll make for a fun toy. Looking forward to Knifehead, and I hope Neca makes other Jaegers, too. If Takaratomy's Metroplex were this stable and fitted with such sturdy hips, I would have been all over it.

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I bought the Striker Eureka figure and quite like it. He was my 2nd favorite design after Cherno Alpha. The figure is really nicely done.

Wanna see whales in giant mechsuits protect mankind against evil aliens?
Check out: []

Collectible figures available from: []

My 3D printed action figures: []

Interesting. Looks like Neca is fixing the size issue mid-line with the bigger Knifehead figure. Am happy to see Coyote Tango realized in plastic. Just wish it were in the 18" scale.
NEW sculpt for Knifehead?

In for a penny, in for a pound.....
well preorders for Cherno Alpha are up at yeah...finally the one i wanted all along
Damn you Neca...

.... pre-orders for the 18 inch Cherno are now up in BBTS and other sites. The 18 inch Gipsy actually came out quite nicely (besides some nitpicks here and there) so this one will be an easy pre-order for me.
...and here is a review of the small Cherno just to get your motors know, or not...

From the pics at Comic-Con, 18 inch Cherno looks fantastic (lotsa lights!). And don't know if Chieh is still around these parts, but they've announced the next 18 incher to be Striker Eureka!
From the pics at Comic-Con, 18 inch Cherno looks fantastic (lotsa lights!). And don't know if Chieh is still around these parts, but they've announced the next 18 incher to be Striker Eureka!

I peek in every once in a blue moon. Thanks for the heads-up, Harv! I've been waiting for news of this since the 18" line started (haven't caught wind of it on any of the toy news sites I frequent...). The 18" Gipsy is a satisfying hunk of toy, even if the design is subpar. Striker's design, on the other hand, is really nice. Should make for an even better toy. I've left shelf space for it for a while now.

Also caught your comment about the Guardians-MASK-Starcom connection. You're right about the similarities. Was tempted, but I didn't pick up the two-packs. I did get the (Alyssa) Milano starship, though. Neat toy and a nifty design.

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Yes, please.

If Rocky IV taught us anything, it's that... all it takes to get Americans to do the right thing is for someone to kill their one black friend. This does not bode well for Idris Elba in the fight against "aliens from the ocean".

Ha, ha, ha. Fuck I nailed that one before the movie even came out.

Also, is this the chatroom where we post about Pacific Rim Jobs?


Did we already crack that joke here? I didn't bother the read the hole transcript.

Fuck. I think I just nailed it.


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