G-FEST 2013/Chicago (Pacific Rim too!)

Posted by Supersentai 
After everyone blew their respective smoke about making the trek to Chicago for G-Fest this year, I was wondering who still had this in contention on their calendars at this point?

July 12th through 14th, which rules due to Pacific Rim opening the same weekend! How may films have you ever seen in English where they use the word Kaiju is uttered in all of its fully duo-syllabic glory!
Sanjeev (Admin)
Alas, I'm traveling too much already this summer. Mostly outta the contiguous 48...so my vacation time (and bux) are already spread too thin. I definitely want this to happen though.

Just like a trip to Japan... ;)
Say it ain't so Jeevsie!

I was counting on you for the costume contest.

Still need a "bottom half" for my giant Hedorah costume...I can poke some more holes in the suit if that's what's scaring people off.
Sanjeev (Admin)
That may be a few more dudes in one suit than I was thinking...but now I could definitely see Hedorah wearing a suit.
We'll have a booth at the con. Nakama Toys, if anyone makes it out stop by and say hello.

Well, ...zoinks. =0(

I forgot all about this, until I see posts about G-Fest going around.
Anyone on board go?
Did Adam dance in his bottom-less Hedorah costume without teh Jerk?
Movie watching?

Yes, this is still on my "someday soon" list.
Adam didn't even make an appearance, although it was twenty minutes away. Little doode is still too young to go, and I've got no business drooling over the wares in the dealer's room. I'm stuck in the doldrums of yardwork and related projects, so at least I got something accomplished.

Just to be clear, when we're talking "bottomless" costume...I would still be wearing pants. Lest anyone had something worse flittering around scortching their cerebral cortex.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Wait--if you're the bottom...but you're still behind me...how's that wor--oh, nevermind.

Most definitely on my "someday soon" list, too, Jon. The New England guys need to sit down and plan ahead for a trip.

A dude on skullbrain was just telling us how he scored a gold-eye Marusan Mothra last year. Dunno how much he paid, but that's one of the rarest Toho vinyl toys in existence. Fuggin' hell...

But, of course, I'm not interested in going *just* to score rare toys!
Yeah, I'll believe that when I see it...

New England representing...phhhhbbbbbttttt! I don't blame you guys for not coming after the Hawks spanked you in the finals. There's your hockey jersey!
Sanjeev (Admin)
Haha....well, if we're gonna lose, I'm thankful it's to a team like the 'Hawks. Y'know...a team who know how to play the game right. Not a bunch of mamby-pamby crybabies like the Penguins...or almost any Canadian team. :P

[Oh, but if you wanna pull rank, we have six Cups...how many do the Hawks have again??? ;)]

Still...we are all God(zilla)'s children...united...at some future G-Fest...
2014 G-Fest is July 11th through 13th...and none of you all chumps is coming I assume. They're having a live symphony perform Ifukube's work (through a Kickstarter pledge drive no less), no time to rethink your brain decisioning.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Guh. Just tattoo "chump" on my forehead.

Moving to the other side of Boston this summer...so no time for love, Doctor Jones.

Hell, I may even end up missing the new movie altogether...
Ix-nay on the uv-lay Mrs. Jones...keep on down in the PM's...!

Moving is the suck, but hopefully you're going someplace you want to move.

Can't imagine you'll miss the movie entirely, unless a heavy crate smooshes you during the aforementioned move.

Looking forward to seeing Zilla' in Imax, can't imagine a more appropriate move for the format.

Never too early to start planning for 2015!
Sanjeev (Admin)
Well, how's about that...as soon as I posted my last comment, I got dragged into a locals excursion to the local IMAX theater for some opening night 3D action! Granted, that might just be the ONLY night I'm free this month...but it's for a good cause. Right?
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