[2013] Resolutions

Posted by drifand 
1. Finish organizing the last 4 issues of the Macross Chronicle.

2. Obtain the Wave W.H.A.M.! 1/48 Helldiver.

3. Rescue my Armor Trans Kamen Riders from my parents' place :-)

What's yours?
Oof. Mine relates to paying off the 3 grand or so that this Christmas cost me. Just hoping and praying I get a decent tax return.

That and finding some way to finagle paying for TFC Herc and Uranos at the same time. ;)

More serious than thou
If anyone is heading into the fitness trap, this comes well recommened:


It's about half of regular retail, with free delivery to boot. It weights about 300 pounds, just dragged one through the house this weekend. It's health club size and sturdiness, and has a good sized motor. Of course, I tracked down a floor model for a bit less than new, but check out the Passport feature...virtual jogging on your tv to match your treadmill pace...pretty sweet!

I typically run 3 miles a pop, but it's getting a bit scary at my age to run on the ice laiden river path...that, and the coyotes keep getting BIGGER!
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