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I don't remember where I found this picture. Does anyone know where it is from or how they were built?

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I don't know, dude, but they look cool.

Speaking of which, my bro, who's not a toy nerd in the least (but whose kids keep him in the loop), sent me this: [mocpages.com]

Watch that video of the auto loading tank and tell me it doesn't give you a stiffy.

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Yeah, sorry, I got that they're customs. I just wasn't sure who did them or how.

Agreed about the tank. That's badass.


That's awesome.

Sanjeev (Admin)
Holy shit...that tank is dope. The auto-loading mechanism for the main gun is actually pretty simple...but DAMN clever.

Not to derail too much, but I picked up a T-34/85 kit from Brickmania a while back. Haven't assembled it yet--waiting for a rainy day for that project. The kits there are pricey, but they have periodic sales that help take away the sting. So-called "AFOLs" turn me off in general...but I sure love me some simple Legos and historical tanks...
I don't remember where I found this picture. Does anyone know where it is from or how they were built?

The filename, 7804688962_e23a0b2ac6.jpg , looks like the URLs that Flickr generates for all the images uploaded to their site. The first string, before the underscore, is the Flickr photo ID. You can insert it into a generic URL like so:

...and it will take you to the page for the photo (or a notification page, if the photo is private or has been deleted). In this case, it takes us to [www.flickr.com]

Clever use of small parts like the 2x2 dishes, 1x2 teeth, and 1x1 angled panels on those guys.

-Paul Segal

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I would assume these are customs for Mobile Frame Zero, a lego-based tabletop wargame that got released on a kickstarter a while back.

If I understand correctly, it's composed of a set of rules that work with lego mecha (and other army elements) in a certain size range, and some guidelines for designing your own units if you don't like the 'default' ones that they include instructions for.

See here:


I'll try to dig up some galleries of people's designs later.

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Sanjeev (Admin)
Might as well make this the generic Lego thread...

This brought me great joy:
Wow, that sure is a cool throwback to the '80s Legoland Space stuff I loved so much when I was a kid! But we were too poor to ever get the big sets. Is this a new thing you can get at retail?

Golden Gate Riot on dead trees at: [www.destroyallcomics.com]
Wow, that sure is a cool throwback to the '80s Legoland Space stuff I loved so much when I was a kid! But we were too poor to ever get the big sets. Is this a new thing you can get at retail?

Yup, it's a set from the Lego Movie. It's one of their summer release sets. About $100.

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Sanjeev (Admin)
Oh, we were way too poor for any big Lego sets as a kid too. I did get *one* space set, the Comic Cruiser, as a kid...and I cherished the hell outta that thing!

Benny's Spaceship is certainly tempting (yes, it's around $100 in stores now)...but there's something about its design that's too modern for my liking. The engineering is fantastic, and I absolutely love the gimmick with the center thruster being coupled to the wings' extension. The "reactor core" is pretty killer too. But I don't totally love the missile-fire gimmicks (wait!! who said that!?), the single-seat fighters on the wingtips, and ultimately, the overall sleek, contained aesthetic.

For example, the Galaxy Commander was the classic Space set I always wanted as a kid (almost as many hours were spent pining after pics of it in the catalog as were spent actually playing with my Cosmic Cruiser!):

The design of the Galaxy Commander doesn't have as many bells and whistles, but I like the more daring overall shape. Much more "scifi" and less...aerodynamic than Benny's ride. Also, I'm a little disappointed that the only break-away bits on Benny's Spaceship are the lil wing fighters...whereas most of the larger original Space series craft featured more modularity and secondary vehicles. Like, check out this animation of the Galaxy Commander; it shows how the forward section and the laboratory module detach from the main body of the ship. I love shit like that!

Of course...the beauty of Lego is that you can do what the hell you want with them! So I may end up buying Benny's Spaceship and just hacking into something a little more reminiscent of the original aesthetic!
I wanted this one so bad as a kid, but nothin' doin': [lego.wikia.com]

I also loved the Space Police kits for some reason but only got the smaller ones, except for the Christmas after arsonists burned down our house. Someone donated the SP Striker to us and I cherised it. This was the biggest Lego spaceship I ever got. [lego.wikia.com]

I always wished I could get this one: [lego.wikia.com] I wanted it so bad! But I still don't have it. When I'm less broke, I should try to get one off of eBay.

Golden Gate Riot on dead trees at: [www.destroyallcomics.com]
Sanjeev (Admin)
Ooh...nice! I just vaguely remember that Alien Moon Stalker, but it's a pretty sweet precursor to the later "giant robot" sets from the 90's. I think I had out-grown Lego's by the time the Futuron/Blacktron/Space Police lines came out (late 80's)...but that Mission Commander set looks super-nasty!
I thought the recent Galaxy Squad space sets were kinda cool... they split one big ship into two smaller ships/robots/whatever, which was always the kind of features I liked about the old school space stuff.

The other two recent movie sets, Emmet's powerloader-like mech and the police dropship, are also cool designs.

The new Agents stuff has a GI Joe vibe.
I think the Space Police stuff started in '89 so I would have been 8 years old. Pretty prime Lego time, I think. The housefire was '90, so yeah, that lines up perfectly.

Golden Gate Riot on dead trees at: [www.destroyallcomics.com]
Space Police I is the only Lego line I ever had complete.

I always regretted not being into space yet (too young) when they had the Black Tron I (yellow & black) line. Most space sets from around that time were AWESOME.

Lego Classic Space is my best friend. Last summer when I was working a side job and had a lot of disposable income, I went bonkers getting sets I either had as a kid, or wished I had.

The blue space guy has always been my favorite minifig. The red and white were first, then the yellow and last were the blue and black. For whatever reason, when I first saw the blue ones in whatever new set they first came with, I lost my mind.

So it was pretty cool that they made him into a character in the movie. I am trying to get Benny's Spaceship, but it's not easy to come by. Lego was out of it for a while (conveniently while they had a giveaway that that purchase would have qualified me for) and Target is still sold out.

Thank you
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Toys r us seems to have plenty of Benny's spaceship when I last looked (admittedly that was before the movie came out on DVD/blu). They didn't even mark it up yet and it's eligible for the 20% coupons they occasionally give out in the mail.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Right on, Jake! That's a BEAST of a collection!

Heh...that blue space guy story is pretty funny--see, for me, it was the motorcycle-style helmets with opening visors that blew my fucking mind. Those first debuted with the later Futuron line. Totally a game-changer in my young mind!
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