Ideal Robo-Force Tiltor existence CONFIRMED

Posted by leMel42 
Love these kinds of stories...

"On May 2, 2012 an auction titled "1984 Ideal Robo-Force Cruel The Detonator New In Box-Never Opened" was listed on Ebay. While this figure is by no means difficult to find, the thumbnail picture next to the title showed that the robot inside the box was not the purple and maroon colored Cruel, but a rectangular blue and red robot. When the auction listing was clicked on to get a better look, what followed was a moment of recognition mixed with disbelief and an inability to swallow coupled with trembling hands. Sitting before me was Tiltor, a Wave 2 unreleased and never before seen Robo-Force Action Figure."

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MattAlt (Admin)
Not a particular fan of the series, but a DEFINITE fan of stories like this! Thanks for sharing.
Sanjeev (Admin)
HA! And I just got done posting in the vehicle thread about how I dug this line back in the day.

Great story/find for that lucky collector!
It's like discovering a 747 a century before the Wright brothers ever flew!

Okay, more akin to finding a Getter 1 in a Shogun 5-inch line package...sort of.

No, it's more like finding a Danguard and Armor Crab set in a Shogun Action Vehicle box...

definitely more like the last one!

But as to the poor Robo Force bots'..."Doctor...pleasssse! But WHY can't you build us no legs?!? Whyyyyyy???"
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