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On the bounce, soldier girl!

Introducing Prometheus Rising Studio.
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"And the award for the coolest-looking new mecha anime with the stupidest fucking title goes to..."
>"And the award for the coolest-looking new mecha anime with the stupidest fucking title goes to..."

You realize it's based on an eroge, right?


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
Unfortunately, that will likely mean there will be a crapton of fanservice involving the female pilots and their tight-fitting pilot suits. So I'll file this one under "non-indicative trailer" until it actually is broadcasted.

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Oh, lots of fan-service, probably... but nothing like Queen's Blade or Ikkitousen.

TOTAL ECLIPSE is an odd bird, born of the dead-serious, all-ages version of MUV LUV ALTERNATIVE. It's *not* and eroge, although it stems from one as Vincent pointed out. Much like the Fate series, Muv Luv has grown pretty far beyond that. (It seems that if you want ero of the cast now, the various Muv Luv official creators conviently publish doujin for that...) The Total Eclipse story as presented in Hobby Japan & Tech Gian is more akin to MACROSS PLUS. There is a manga adaptation of Total Eclipse that has its share of ecchi and comedy, however. Translations of the first couple of chapters can be had at this fine fellow's blog, along with ML ALternative and Getter Robo manga (!) scanlations:


The Muv Luv's convenient anime forumla 'hook' is that the fighting-capable segment of the human population has been so ravaged by combat's high mortality rate that most of the ones left who can fight are young, and tend to be female: instant high school harem. In-game, they say that if you survive your first 80 seconds of combat, you might last for a while. Not that there aren't older folks around, but they tend to get pushed to command & training positions. In the Muv Luv Unlimited Chroincles "War Dogs" stories, one new recruit is barely 14 years old, has the innate aptitudes to pilot a Tactical Surface Fighter, but absolutely none of the maturity to survive combat. The bottom of the barrel is at hand...

If you want some interesting Muv Luv without the fan-service, I'd suggest checking out the "Chicken Divers" multi-part fansub via YouTube. The loneliness of the orbital drop soldier, as it were.

Note that the Total Eclipse anime website has full English options for the content pages, that is unusual, I think:


There's also the new Muv Luv wiki, which is a fun balance between serious material and the wikia authors being silly:


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Well you know how it is

giant robots with chainsaw gauntlets for slicing aliens in their laser spewing eyeballs is a-ok

two characters having sex?

totally unrealistic :v
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