The Raid: Redemption

Posted by Scopedog 
Anybody seen this Indonesian action movie?


Story and characterization are virtually non-existent but I like the fact that this movie makes no excuses or apologies for being a silly, over-the-top action movie. The action starts after about five minutes and never stops or lulls for more than a minute or two. The incorporation of martial arts is also kind of reasonable if you ignore the fact that the bad guys just seem to coincidentally stop using projectile weapons when the good guys run out of ammo. This is an awesome action movie. The martial artists are pretty amazing and incredibly skilled and I usually don't like martial arts movies. I was thinking about the Matrix while watching it and thinking about how slow and choreographed and fake the fights looked in that. In The Raid it seems like the actors were probably actually hurting each other, at least accidentally from the speed and intensity of the fights. Many of the kills seem original and imaginative and might make you wince a little with their abruptness and unexpectedness. The music is also appropriate to the scenes and atmosphere and great.

The Raid reminds me of Drive and Hobo with a Shotgun in the sense that it seems like the director knew exactly what he was trying to homage and succeeded in putting his exact vision on film (whether you like the source material of the homage or not is a separate question). Your mileage may vary.

I can't wait for a Half in the Bag review.

edit: Holy shit I just read that this movie cost approximately $1.1 million to make. Seriously, its at least 1.1 million times better than a Hollywood $500 million summer blockbuster action movie.

I want YOU for MoƩ Sucks Army

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