A new robot show out of china

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could be fun

hey Armored Core look stuff because the Armored Core OVA totally turned into vaporware years ago

I hope they have fun exploring the cliches and drama that makes up this genre ( ' w')b
I dig it. The designs look like the exact opposite logical extension of the first Armored Core designs if Kawamori hadn't gone the sleek and sharp route. The animation looks decent, but the repeated footage in the trailer is a bit suspect. The most important question is, will anyone bother picking this up to sub and release?

Introducing Prometheus Rising Studio.
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Wait--that was a Chinese cartoon? Then why do all the characters look...Japanese???

why does shadow chronicles look like shitty fanart


Sanjeev (Admin)
'Cause Shadow Chronicles WAS shitty fanart??? LOL


Not to digress here, but I sent that link to a Chinese friend of mine just to show her that China's making its own cartoons now. She knows basically nothing about anime/toys/whatever other than that it's Japanese and part of a hobby I take part in. But she almost immediately zeroed in on how NON-Chinese the characters look. I told her that the characters look identical to most (Japanese) anime characters. So...Chinese artists...starting to depict Chinese people...similar to how Japanese artists almost universally depict Japanese people...in a--shall we say--disturbingly inaccurate way?

She called it "vaguely racist". Dunno if that's the right word, but fuck if it ain't off-putting to some (especially "normal" folks outside the hobby).
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Wow! MEKTON finally got an anime! ;-)~
Not that I wish to derail this into "y dem animus look like whiteys" but my buddy at Ogiue Maniax had something similar to say about that when discussing the new Dead or Alive 5 trailer


"When I look at DOA4 Kasumi, even though her face comes across as “less Asian,” I still find that it comes across as more Asian than anything else, especially when compared to the non-Asian characters. And actually, Asianness and Whiteness as a binary is probably the most important mistake to avoid. Instead, the key difference is in another type of realism. In previous versions the characters come across across as more plastic and doll-like, especially in the eyes, with Kasumi’s own doe-like gaze, for example, acting more like an element of innocent seductiveness than anything else. In somewhat of a contrast, Kasumi in DOA5‘s eyes aren’t more realistic just because they’re closer to an Asian’s eyes in the real world, but because there is a sign of personality behind them."

So I think it's more of a sense of trying to make generic cartoon people than uh betraying your own race?
So I finally watched this trailer for, uh, COMBAT ARMOR STEEL WINGS. It's bad in such a nonspecific, unexceptional way that I can hardly think of how to criticize it. It looks like every Sunrise anime, with a bit of Satelight or Gonzo.

The concept art for the robots looks pretty sharp, but they seem totally flat and boring in the trailer. They look like really low poly 3d models. That Gunhead-type "sitting down" robot looks like the Monsoono from Eureka 7, but blockier, so that's neat. I hope it can stand up, and I hope it gets a toy.

I like how there's that shot of a lady in a uniform with a HUGE ASS and the shot is a few seconds long and she doesn't even turn around. Then they reveal some main characters in pilot suits and they look like they're from Gravion or Godanner, just way out there exaggerated physiques.

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