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man Kagura and Shrade near the top of the men's list

do the girls watching (because who else watches robot shows amirite) really want a guy like Kagura who when he gets his WENCH, picks her up and carries her above his head while happily chanting "I'M GONNA KILL YOU! I'M GONNA CRUSH YOU IN MY ARMS! MY WENCH!"

cuz that's totally hawt and kinky

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MattAlt (Admin)
It's getting harder and harder to even TELL the boys from the girls.
that joke was old twenty years ago



i expect much better

see me after class

ps the boys wear less revealing clothing duh
But Mr. Hol was only 3 votes from second place.

Why do the girls have 1k-2k votes each and the guys 500-1000 times less?


what gender is this one supposed to be

goddamn megane pandering bullshit

also remember

the boys dig the holes

while the girls fill the holes

this information could save your life (in SRW)

robots and girls

together forever

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Just for you VF5SS.

Semi NSFW Nyantype and Megami magazine scans.


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
Don Cheadle says get out :c
So...is the giant heart included with the Aquarion figure?

well the halo on Evol's head is a love heart so...
I meant the big one showing the silhouettes of the pilots of course.


an anon on 4chan did their best to translate this interview with Mari Okada, who is in charge of series composition and has written the screenplay to many episodes


warning, weeaboo comments lawl


Fully translating [polyphonicar2010.blog51.fc2.com] ... -8613.html (>>7590222 + 224) because I don't have anything more worthwhile to do and because I love this show (despite them killing Jin).
Keep in mind this was published in a magazine whose main target demographics is female.
The info is quite fresh (up to ep 13).
[] = personal thoughts.

- Element powers:
Amata = Flying
Cayenne = Ability to predict when bad stuff's gonna happen (and only that?) (literal TL = Despair Prediction)
Andy = Digging holes
Shrade = Mind controlling people with music (literal TL = Mind Concert)
Mikono = Connecting people Nok-...
J/Zessica = Impact (literal TL = Ability to crash things)
MIX = filling empty spaces
Yunoha = transparency
Jin = Power to disconnect/sever/isolate

- Mari is an avid Nicovideo user (nico-chuu for those of you who know that word). She checks the comments on the livestream on Nicovideo every episode.

- Mari did not give the idea for the TEAR CLOTHES = MORE SENSITIVE TO ENVIRONMENT episode.

- The ED illustrations have all been revealed for now, they may change depending on the amount of support/discussion from the fans the show gets. [Does this mean there won't be a second ED animation?]
>> Jin Kisaragi !NIISANMORE 03/31/12(Sat)11:03 No.7591201
File: 1333206190.jpg-(58 KB, 481x643, bindingm.jpg)

- Jin's death was planned from the beginning of the making of the show. Mari now regrets that because he unexpectedly became popular. [This means we need to send pineapples to Mari, not to Kawamori, I guess.]

- Mari went overboard (= too dirty/erotic) for the lyrics in the song that streams along the special training (which has not aired and will be in the BD) and so they were rejected. [I'm not sure if that means it was only rejected for airing or if it alwo won't be in the BD]

- The way they're doing the reincarnation shenanigans is interesting/funny. Kawamori mentions that "The soul, the mind and the body are three distinct things" a lot.

- Something interesting about "KUSO ONNA" (= smelly wench):
Mari has been called that a lot when she was writing the scenario, she liked it, and so they decided to make Kagura say it in the actual show.

- Mikono has been, for now, set up as a good girl-type heroin that only says negative things and who thinks lowly of herself. But she is someone that connects men, which makes her a bad woman. [what?]

- Pic related is the spine for a book or a CD/DVD/BD case [not clear, maybe it's the DVD/BDs case spine]. Is the disposition of these drawings relevant for the pairings?
(Cont'd below)
>> Jin Kisaragi !NIISANMORE 03/31/12(Sat)11:03 No.7591203
- Uchiyama [Uchiyama Kouki / Kagura's VA]: "In the script that was given to me for Kagura's audition, there were a lot of words such as "KUSO ONNA" or "TRALALALA" and even dirty lines. I then thought to myself "What's with this anime? Scary!". [Thanks, Mari! I'm really curious now.]

- Kawamori thinks that Uchiyama is refreshing.

- A lot of female characters got their personality changed as their design got made. For instance, Mikono was to be a military mania and Crea was to use abusive language. [Oh wow]

- Shrade is the character whose setting has the least changed from before Mari joined the project.

- Sazanka and Moroi (swag guy) were planned to be extra (= background) characters. They made an experiment with Sazanka and made her a hard fujoshi for the dating episode (the one with the electric bracelets), and since it was funny they decided to promote her to secondary character status. Moroi has been promoted because he's popular within the staff.

- Everyone was laughing during Shrade's episode's dub recording.
(Cont'd below)
>> Jin Kisaragi !NIISANMORE 03/31/12(Sat)11:04 No.7591209
- Alicia is a famous ex-actress. The guys on Altair find her particularly beautiful because there are NO GIRLS over there.

- Amata and Kagura share a strong bond. Their relationship is not really fixed and Kawamori changes it according to how the audience reacts. [Man...]

- Kagura will change from now on, that change couldn't have been predicted at all. There'll be a huge gap.

- The relationships will also change a lot in the second half of the show. Everyone is shaking in fear think that they may die.

- Ep 14 will be an episode that no one would expect in a normal anime.

... And I'm spent.
Tomorrow can't come fast enough.
"Their relationship is not really fixed and Kawamori changes it according to how the audience reacts."

Confirmation of Kawamori's Troll status.

After the recent episode, you have no idea the mastery that man has for messing with people.

Kagura is diabo-lick!

Even Itano is blushing

now animooted
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