The 5 Mysterious Paintings of Go Nagai

Posted by tomf 
Managed to score these this past weekend. Took me a while to figure out what they were.

Wow, these are incredible! I LOVE the painting of the stone itself, and it's great that you tracked down the origin of them.

I wonder if the stone in the movie looked anything like his art... apparently the film had a Norse mythological theme, but it doesn't look like they let Nagai in on that part of the concept :3

Here's the movie trailer:
but we don't really get a good look at anytihng.

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Really, really cool find. The monster reminds me of a Zoanoid from Guyver. That the paintings are sequential is neat, too. That didn't occur me to at first.
EPIC. Seriously. What a find!
first the garada and now this ? to say your twice blessed is an understatement.
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