The Myth of the Female Action Hero

Posted by Sanjeev 
Or they can just be atheletic and in shape because they're Super Heroes?
Yes, because all athletic women have the same body type. Go look at this.

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Sanjeev (Admin)
I agree with your sentiment...but now you're getting into the realities of trying to make a fucking toy! ;)

Like I said in my previous comment about complaints I've heard from folks that the figures are all essentially coded (sculpted) white, this is *just* the first wave. And the buck for this wave is based on the historical Joan of Arc. Now, who knows if Joan of Arc really had this physique...but just doing a google image search shows that a lot of old paintings of her show her to be pretty damn skinny. So it is what it is.

They explicitly told me that future waves WILL feature different body types...just as they will feature different races and ages. But it's still gonna be one buck per wave...because any more than that would be prohibitively expensive.
I hear what you're saying, Sanjeev, but "skinny white woman" is not a huge divergence from the traditional female action figure.

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Sanjeev (Admin)
Haha...maybe I should just forward you the e-mail thread I had going with the ladies in charge of this project! :P

Again, I feel you...but this is a micro-example of risk aversion, right? Because this is the *first* of a toy line, it's important to blow up the spot in order to secure fans and demonstrate that you're worth investing in for the long haul. So...start conservative. They had no idea their kickstarter would take off the way it has, so in the beginning, they wanted to give themselves the best chance possible to reach their goal. That means "skinny white woman". With that proof of concept outta the way, they're much more free to...diversify...even if there's a risk that future waves will be less popular because the figures don't feature traditional archetypes.
I sure hope there's more going on in future waves. That sounds positive.

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Sanjeev (Admin)
I agree. I mean, I'm not gonna pretend I'm into superhero-style action figures in the first place...let alone those of female characters not attached to some fiction of which I'm already a fan. At the same time, I realize *I'm* not the intended audience (as an adult male collector of toys)!

But this is a Kickstarter I'm happily throwing down for because I want to support what these women are doing...and so that I can give these figures away to friends' daughters.
I'm being semi serious here, but does that mean they're going to have a kinda-pudgy wave too (Harbinger's Zephyr is still the only superheroine of that body type I can even think of in comics)? I assume once they get enough bucks they can mix and match so each wave doesn't end up looking the same.

Anyway, thanks for bringing it up, I certainly would have missed it otherwise.

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Sanjeev (Admin)
No sweat! It was a no-brainer to post something like this.

As for a kinda-pudgy wave, I would assume so! Well, maybe not "pudgy"...but I'm assuming we're gonna see women with thicker builds. After all, "pudgy" suggests "out of shape" or otherwise unhealthy, and I doubt that's what they're going for with this line. These figures are meant to represent powers, not existing characters in any fictional my guess is that we'll see diverse--but healthy--physiques.

As for future waves, from what I understand (and this could certainly change), they're going to do just one buck per wave (augmented with different hair sculpts, color palettes, accessories, and whatnot) I think they *will* all essentially look the same. Of course, they may reuse different aspects of some waves (like an all-new torso with the arms from this wave, plus the legs of that wave...). I think that actually makes sense given the no-fiction strategy: if ya think about it, these releases are organized almost like the early Microman waves.
"Based on Joan of Arc"?

With that body style and clothing? Someone needs to check on their historical illustrations

Anyway, the colors are very stereotypical. Why do female toys (for girls or otherwise) need to include shades of pink and violet?

Heck, if you were to change the body style to male without changing the colors, you could have some nice Stereotypical Gay Action Figures.

These are now available on BBTS for preorder. The set seems like the same price as the kickstarter:

They're certainly slim figures, but it's not like their waists are tiny, while having huge tits and asses.

Maybe they're not fatty-fatty-boom-ba-latty enough to represent the average American physique?

Seriously though, they don't appear particularly idealized or distorted to me. They're even really close to the "mesomorphic" proportions of "real" Barbie.

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