[HEY SANJEEV] Glow Jeans

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Anonymous User
I think you need these.

mcfitch (Admin)
Ball cancer.

Matthewalt "I actually kinda LIKE that approach! You know: let's make a TOY. Remember those? Products designed to be played with without breaking? DO YOU REMEMBER, LOVE?!"
Sanjeev (Admin)

Hey, it ain't like I'm trying to make any babies. BRING 'EM ON!!
I always thought the advantage to a poorly lit dance club was that nobody can really see how badly you are dancing.

I could only imagine how horrifyingly hysterical a youtube video of me doing my version of the "tic tac" would have been with GLOW pants accentuting evey mis-gyration and apparent leg spasms.

The horror...oh the horror...

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