Robot Dinosaur Riding Gladiator Dude 80's Toy Thingy

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Okay, I'll preface this post by sharing the humbling and humiliating horror that after almost a year during which I performed a myriad of google-searches, I can't come up with squat about a series of toys I used to casually look over at Toys R Us in the mid-80's before buying something substantially cooler...but now I WANT THEM!

I recall the name "Megadons" or something similar...large box had a picture of a robot type dinosaur with a huge human gladiator looking dude riding on the back. There were a couple different models, if my memory is working at all anymore. Does this sound familiar to anyone out there???

They were in the "robot aisle" back in the day, with boxes about 20 inches wide by 16 inches tall. If I could remember any other details I'd toss them out there.


P.S. NOT TYCO DINO RIDERS!!!...I am aware of how that may look like the easy answer, but these are definitely not the same toys I am talking about.

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He-Man towards the end of its original run had dinosaurs.

Maybe Bone-Age?



I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
Looks like there was an actual series named MEGADONS:


They fit both He-Man sized figs and GI Joe/SW sizes:



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Hillsy, if you are even down in the Loop in Chicago, I owe you a Giant Corned Beef Samich from Perry's!

That's an awesome site, and I've looked through it before for other lines, but forgot to check thier index. Still never came up on Google.

Yeah, now I remember again why I didn't buy them in the first place when clearance Godaikins were aplenty. Heck, I think I'd have loaded up on more Centurions before I'd have turned to that thing.


Hey, and now we have these continuing the dino-riding theme:

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